The Biggest iPhone Yet?

It's only a few years ago that the drive in mobile phone technology was for ever-smaller devices. But recently we've seen a shift in that, as the amount of things we use them for has increased. Where once they were designed for making and receiving calls, sending text messages and taking the occasional photo, now they have become miniature computers in their own right, used for everything from personal organisation to watching movies or reading comics. All of this has of course necessitated bigger screens, as well as larger batteries and processors to handle the extra workload.


what's the biggest iPhone?

Nowhere is this more apparent, of course, than in the never-ending stream of technological wonders that stream out of Apple. And it looks like this trend is going to continue in a major way with Apple's 2018 lineup of new iPhones. According to an anonymous source reported by Bloomberg, Apple is running production tests on three new models of its iconic iPhone with suppliers. And one of the three looks set to be its biggest phone yet.

iREP(30) - 2.jpgwhere can i find a big screed phone?

With a body roughly the same size as the iPhone8, the new model looks like it will boast a 6.5 inch screen, using the same full screen design as the iPhoneX. Also shared with the iPhoneX is an OLED display, with a resolution of 1248 by 2688 pixels and a facial ID scanner, all running on an A12 processor, which is also expected to be utilised in the upgraded edition of the iPhoneX. The third iPhone will keep the design of the iPhoneX but make a few compromises to bring its eye-watering price down a little, for example by using an LCD display and cutting out all the stainless steel, as well as the 3D Touch feature.

Despite a massive hype machine and favourable reviews, the iPhoneX hasn't sold as well as expected, with its $1000 price tag putting many customers off. This new lineup seems to be a way of rekindling sales by offering models for various budgets. According to Long Ventures' Gene Munster, history has shown that when the screen size increases, so do sales- so Apple are both providing a model for those on a tighter budget and a new bells-and-whistles large screen model for their high-end customers.

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New Models for Later this Year?

It's been a pretty turbulent few months for Apple, what with the uproar over its decision to ‘hobble’ earlier models of its iPhone devices (ostensibly to save battery power on older machines) and software problems with recent iterations of iOS. The waters don't seem to show any signs of calming just yet. The latest problems also revolve around software - last week it was reported that many users were having problems with calls locking out the touchscreen, which can lead to the alarming scenario of being unable to hang up on calls to the emergency services which have been made automatically.

Now a new problem has emerged, and it's a vulnerability issue. IOS11 apparently allows users to send a specific character to another phone which will crash the phone and block access not only to iOS's Messages app but also to popular apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail. Apple has issued a statement saying the problem will be fixed in an update before this spring sees the rollout of iOS11.3.

iphone touchscreen frozen

The beta of iOS11.3 promises to give users more control over how battery power is managed, but testers say that when choosing between performance or stability in the new Battery menu any changes made are only temporary, and it will automatically default to stability mode the next time it powers up, which could prove annoying.

iphone software update

Apple's main hope at the moment is on the launch of three new models of iPhone later in the year, at which point the iPhoneX will be discontinued, the only other option being to sell it at a lower price. They are hoping to sell these on size, with one model retaining the iPhoneX's 5.8 inch notched display, but the other two clocking in at 6.1 and 6.5 inches. It's a strategy that makes sense- the last time Apple saw a decent increase in sales and revenue was when it introduced the larger “plus” units. The new tech that it has been loading its devices with has failed to grab the public's attention, and Q1 2018 orders for the iPhoneX have halved while iPhone sales continue to fall.

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More News from Apple

The controversy over Apple's admission that it has been deliberately slowing down older models of the iPhone continues to rage as its hasty attempt at damage limitation seems to have run into problems itself. The slowdown was due to power management issues with older batteries, and as a gesture of goodwill Apple said it would reduce the price of replacement battery packs. Although they warned at the time that initial supplies might be limited over the holiday period, now it looks likely that many customers will be waiting until at least March to take advantage of the reduced price offer. While packs should be available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus in the next couple of weeks, owners of the iPhone 6 Plus are realistically looking at late March or even early April for their replacements.

iPhone slowdown

Apple is also facing government investigation in France as a result of action by the consumer group HOP, which campaigns against planned obsolescence. While Apple denies that the purpose of the slowdown was to encourage sales of its newer devices, French competition authorities are investigating whether or not this is true, programmed obsolescence being a criminal offence in France.

IREP(24) - 2.jpgapple problems

Meanwhile US senator John Thane has called on Apple to provide more information on the affair, arguing that even if it is true that it was merely a way of circumventing power management issues in older models, the way the company has responded has left a lot to be desired. He is calling for greater transparency from the firm in the face of huge amounts of customer criticism.

There is also bad news concerning its latest iOS update, iOS 11.2.2, which is an essential patch as it deals with the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. However early testers are reporting that it causes a significant hit in performance, and there are no change log notes to explain to customers exactly what has changed in the OS.

new iphone update

None of this, of course, has harmed Apple's punishing release schedule- along with a newly updated iPhone SE, the latest ads for the iPad Pro show an increased focus on augmented reality.

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Apple News - Latest...

Apple has found itself in a spot of hot water with a lot of its customers in the last week or so, with the news emerging that it has allegedly been slowing down older models of its signature iPhone handheld device. This seemed to confirm a long-standing conspiracy theory about Apple in the minds of many, to the extent that Apple finds itself facing lawsuits in various countries from angry customers.

Many people have long been (incorrectly) of the opinion that Apple has been hobbling its older phones in order to push people into buying its newer models, an official statement released by the company apologising for the slowdown reveals that the reason is to do with battery life.

iPhone Battery life

According to their statement, slowing down the older models is necessary to protect devices with ageing lithium batteries from shutting down suddenly and damaging their components. And while there is no evidence whatsoever to support the idea that it is in fact a policy of planned obsolescence, a lot of customers are still very angry.

how do I make my battery life better

As a gesture of goodwill, Apple has announced that it will slash that price of replacement batteries, and will also update the software in the devices so that from now on it will let users know whether their battery is still in good condition. The company has apologised unreservedly and completely denied claims that the slowdown was for nefarious commercial purposes.

white iPhone 7 and 7s

Whether this apology will win them back their lost goodwill among a section of their customer base as yet still remains to be seen, but the reduction in price for replacement batteries and the new battery monitoring software upgrade can only be good news for users of older devices.

Apple has also warned that the discounted battery replacements may initially be in short supply, as the severity of the situation is greater than it expected.


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Apple, HomeKit and Cyber Security

Cyber security can seem like an uphill battle, or a never-ending arms race. As the technologies we take for granted become more complex, more and more vulnerabilities and potential exploits are uncovered. Millions of people using millions of devices means it's inevitable that unforeseen problems will arise, no matter how much testing has been done before their launch.

apple patches and cyber security

And while the old adage that Apple products are safer (because people don't tend to write so many viruses for them) is true to an extent, viruses are only one of the many things you have to worry about when entrusting your personal and banking data to a computer.

homekit software update

A lot of the time it's all about trying to find the vulnerabilities in a system before the criminals do, rather than responding to problems that have already occurred. Fortunately Apple have huge teams of specialists working on this round the clock in order to pre-empt any attacks.

Recently they discovered a flaw in iOS HomeKit, the app that allows users to control various items around their house (lights, smoke detectors or even the locks on their doors) from their iPhone. The flaw was a very serious one- it could in theory allow someone who had gained access to the user's iCloud account to take control of any things in their home tied to HomeKit. Although it would have been a difficult attack to carry out, the consequences could have been very bad indeed- a stranger being able to unlock your front door is not something anyone wants.

apple home kit security flaws

Fortunately the flaw was discovered before anyone managed to exploit it. Apple announced a temporary server-side fix when the exploit was discovered, and it will be permanently dealt with by a patch in the next few days. Hopefully the patch will not follow in the footsteps of Apple's recent High Sierra software update, which was designed to fix a problem whereby malicious users could gain access to the user's computer, but which in conjunction with an earlier version of the OS would only result in a temporary fix.

With new exploits and flaws becoming apparent as time goes on, Apple's cyber security division have their work cut out for them every bit as much as those working on PCs.

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