Delays to the iPhone 8?

Rumours that one of the most anticipated devices of the year, the iPhone 8, may well become one of the most anticipated devices of next year may have been slightly exaggerated - but not by much.

As far back as May a note from Deutsche Bank warned that technical challenges and a shortage of key components could push the launch back until 2018, but most commentators were still expecting it to roll out in September. Now, however, a report from Economic Daily News is suggesting delays until November or December, and a more optimistic forecast from Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty put the launch in October. Volume production for the new iPhone is said to have already commenced, but Foxconn Electronics and Pegatron's yield rates have yet to reach mass production levels. This means that whenever the launch happens, the device will initially only be available in small quantities.

The release of the iPhone 8 is expected to create what is known as a “super cycle”, with many customers already about to upgrade their phones who will wait for the launch of the latest model. As a result, claims Guggenheim's Robert Cihra, Apple's fortunes and stock should not be harmed by the delay, with the bulk of its sales merely transferred to the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 rather than lost to competitors. Although the iPhone 8 will be substantially more expensive than previous models, Cihra doesn't believe the customer base will see this price rise as significant enough to put them off.

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Also rumoured is that one of the reasons for the delays has been teething problems with attempts to incorporate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the edge-to-edge OLED display featured by some of the devices, and that Apple may instead have opted for facial recognition technology using its new 3D camera sensors.

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There are reported to be three variations set to be announced for the new iPhone- 4.7 and 5.5 inch LED models, and the aforementioned 5.8 inch edge-to-edge OLED edition. Whatever happens, it looks like the iPhone 8 will be one of the most sought-after gifts this Christmas, and next year's must-have gadget.

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The iPHONE 8

Apple users around the world waiting with bated breath to see the new iPhone 8 have had a bit of advance warning, and it looks like it's going to be big not only commercially but physically.

A leak from cover manufacturer MobileFun about its forthcoming range of protective iPhone covers has made it possible for industry watchers to deduce quite a bit about the new model when looked at in conjunction with previous leaks from three alleged Foxconn employees who gave away information on Apple's forthcoming release schedule in a thread on Reddit, whose moderators claim the identities and credentials of the posters have been confirmed.

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It is looking almost certain now that the iPhone 8 will boast a near bezel-less design housing a 5.8 inch edge-to-edge display with front-facing camera, sensors and microphone all housed in an area at the top, which seems to indicate that we will be looking at a radically redesigned iOS11 with a new Function Area. And the display promises to boast a larger screen resolution than any iPhone that has gone before it. According to Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly, working from both sets of leaks and rumours, we are probably going to be looking at a native resolution of 2800 x 1342 pixels. By way of comparison, the native resolution of the iPhone 7 Plus is 1080 x 1920, so it's something of an understatement to say this is a substantial upgrade.

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The release of the iPhone 8 is going to be a an even bigger deal than usual for Apple, as it marks the 10th anniversary of the now-almost-ubiquitous iPhone. There is, as yet, no confirmed release date for the device, though it has been reported that the launch has been delayed due to difficulty in sourcing 3D camera components, which has allegedly set it back by “months”.

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However much Apple may disapprove, or claim to disapprove of such leaks ahead of launch, there is no denying that the drip-feed of information we are receiving about the new iPhone is mostly just serving to stoke anticipation for its eventual release, and this tenth anniversary model looks set to be both a game - and a market - changer.

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Now Offering Tech Support for Mac Users!

It’s no secret that the team here at iRepairs Harlow place customer service above everything else when it comes to our business philosophy – we have discussed it in the blog before. With that in mind we have decided to take it one step further and offer on and off-site technical support packages to our customers – and indeed to any business that uses Macs or other Apple products.

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Such offerings are common for firms who use PC systems but are considerably harder to find for Mac Users. As the leading Apple repair specialists in our area we regularly advise our customers on best policy when using their devices. There is, however, only so much one can do on a phone call, and only 24 hours in a day, so while we are very happy to give advice, we felt that there was a clear need in the business community for a dedicated technical support service. We believe that we’re perfectly placed to offer this tech support to our customers. A case of, “If not us, then who else?”

By signing up to one of our packages (detailed below), you could have access to:

·      On-site service

·      Callouts

·      Remote support

·      E-mail support

·      Software help and advice

·      Network support, and much more

You’ll also know that you have a support team, a phone call away who will handle your call within 30 minutes and get your systems and business running to it’s full potential. 

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So, for example – if you were to choose our ‘Silver’ package you could receive 1 on-site service and 2 call-outs per year and 2 remote support incidents a month (up to 24 in the year), all for £10 per month, per Mac. We believe that our service offers great peace of mind, and will help companies to succeed with computer systems that help them, not hinder.

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All support packages are subject to a 12month contract. Callouts include the first 30 minutes of labour, subsequent labour is charged at £30 per 30 minutes (rounded up).

APP NEWS; No More 32-bit Apps to be Suported

Apple has announced that it is to cease support for 32-bit apps across its devices. With the release of the beta of iOS11, suspicions and rumours that 32-bit apps would no longer be supported have been proven to be true, with the new operating system refusing to run them without an update, and the new version of the App store not featuring any 32-bit apps at all. This should come as little surprise to regular users - as long ago as January, the first iOS10.3 beta gave a warning while running 32-bit apps that future versions of iOS would no longer support them. This is bad news for users who wish to reinstall previously downloaded 32-bit apps, as the App store will no longer allow this, and for those who have been relying on 32-bit apps that have not been updated- iOS10 users may find it worthwhile checking their “App Compatibility” tab, which can be found in the “Settings” app, to find out if any of their software will be rendered unusable.

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64-bit apps were first supported by iOS with the launch of the iPhone 5S in September 2013, and since 2015 all new apps and app updates have been required to use 64-bit architecture. This means any apps that are still using 32-bit architecture have not been updated for two years. iOS11 itself will only be compatible with devices using a 64-bit chip, which is any chip from the A7 onwards. iOS11 is expected to roll out in autumn of this year.

iPhone update

But it doesn't stop at iOS - at the World Developers Conference, Apple used its Platform State Of The Union keynote to tell developers that as of January of next year, all new apps submitted to the Mac App Store must be 64-bit, and that macOS High Sierra will be the last macOS that can run 32-bit software “without compromises”. By June of next year, all app updates must also be 64-bit only. Users will be warned about 32-bit apps, and then they will be phased out altogether with the release of the next macOS following High Sierra.

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We All Know How Temperamental Technology Can Be

We live in an age of wonders. The development of computer technology over the past few decades has transformed much of the world, and brought about significant advances in pretty much every area of life. It has enhanced automated production, and made possible great breakthroughs in medicine and astronomy. The internet alone has fundamentally changed the way many of us live by enabling instantaneous communication around the world and access to a store of information like nothing ever seen before in the history of our species. And on a personal level, we now have so much power and knowledge at our fingertips, to say nothing of a myriad of conveniences, which we have already begun to take for granted. The smartphone in your pocket is many orders of magnitude more powerful than the computers that helped to send man to the Moon.

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But, of course, there's always a downside. That downside in this case being that the more things there are to go wrong, inevitably the more things will do exactly that. And unlike the space programme, the majority of us don't have teams of dedicated scientists on hand ready to leap into action when disaster strikes and our iPads stop working, or we suddenly discover that we can no longer put music onto our phones.

My laptop has stopped working

But fear not! You don't need them. Our family team at iRepairs Harlow specialise in repairs and maintenance for Apple products as well as Windows-based PCs and laptops. Whether your problem is hardware or software-based, whether it's a cracked screen or a corrupted operating system, we will diagnose the root cause and find the most cost-effective way of solving it. With our combined years of experience in the field, we are confident we can offer you the best customer experience and the most effective service in the area.

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We sincerely hope all your devices are currently working perfectly - but we all know how temperamental technology can be. So make a note of us and call us whenever anything untoward does happen. We promise not to rip you off by over-complicating the repairs process or push you into financial commitments you can just as easily do without. For friendly, trustworthy and efficient computer and iPhone repairs, we're the best in town.

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