Re-Creating the Apple TV Ad, "Misunderstood"

I have completed the video, it's a lot more work than you might think, you always have to be thinking, record, record, record.

But after filming over 4 days of the festive season I have finished the video. Here it is for you to enjoy.


So, before I said I would film all of this on my iPad, well it started out like that, but I must say using a iPhone is much easier and simpler. Most of the time the shots were impulsive and not planned which meant I had to quickly have it recorded, the first device to hand was the iPhone. For the more thought out scenes I was using my iPad and it really did do the job well.

I had every intension to edit the video all on the iPad, but time was a big factor, With my family here and my kids, almost every minute of the day has been taken up. So what ever time I had left, I decided would be easier and quicker using iMovie on the iMac. Once all of the filming had been completed, it only took about 20 minutes to review, clip and edit the movie with the music overlaid and publish the movie.

Once it was complete, I did another action from the advert, I went in the living room and played the video while everyone was there, without telling them what I was doing. My video had about the same reactions as the Apple version. After my video was over I let my family in on what was happening and where I got the idea from and then played them the Apple Advert and the full family video, hopefully they enjoyed my little project and I hope you will find my video enjoyable to watch as well.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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