5 of the Best Special Edition iPods

With the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+ coming our way, along with the recent Apple Music service and updated iPod Touch devices proving popular, it seemed like the perfect time to look back at one of the brand’s most popular devices-the iPod.

Discontinued to make way for their best-selling touch-screen smartphones, tablets and music devices, the iPod was in its day revolutionary. MP3 players had been on the market for several years before the device’s initial launch in October 2001, but Apple visionary Steve Jobs saw a gap in the market-an updated, cleaner looking and smoother running music player was in desperate need.

This is where the iPod came in. Named as the “Walkman of the 21st Century” by Jobs himself, the iPod first came into play with a tiny 5GB harddrive, allowing for “1,000 songs in your pocket.” Inspired by the design of the 1958 Braun Transistor radio, the device included a click wheel, shuffle option and the ability to store several songs or albums at once.

Since then, the iPod has gone through six generations, joined over time by the compact Nano, Shuffle and iPod Touch. Whilst the iPod Touch has become the main version, there’s no denying just how great the original classic was at the time. Apple knew this too, drumming up the hype with a range of limited edition versions that’ll set you back a fair bit of money if you were to find one online today. Here’s some of their most popular limited editions.

(Product) Red

Available for the Shuffle or Nano, the (Product) Red versions were available exclusively through the Apple store. 50% of all money from these iPods was given to The Global Fund’s (Product) Red initiative, which works to combat AIDS in Africa.

U2 Special Edition

U2 may have received some criticism as of late, due to the addition of their latest album being included on iPhone and iPod Touch devices without the owners prior consent, but there’s no denying that this special edition iPod is pretty cool. The first iPod to come in black, it was produced in support of U2’s 2004 release “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”. This red and black 20GB iPod came with a voucher to be used towards purchasing the Complete U2 collection on iTunes, along with the etched signatures of the band on the back.

Family Guy iPod Classic

Only made in limited numbers, the Family Guy iPod was an excellent choice for fans of the show. Whilst the front looked like a standard 160GB iPod Classic (although available in either black or silver), the back included an etched-on design of Brian the dog dragging his butt along a repeated tower of words. Only 2,000 were made, and if you’re lucky to find one nowadays, prepared to pay a small fortune.

 Band Signature Editions

The first edition iPods were unveiled with three limited edition iPods in December 2004. These four iPod Classics were engraved with the signatures of artists Beck, Madonna and No Doubt, along with pro-skateboarder Tony Hawk.  

Harry Potter

To coincide with the release of the iPod Classic that now incorporated photos and colour, Apple released this special edition Harry Potter iPod.  This 20GB colour iPod had an etched Hogwarts crest on the back, whilst fans had the option to buy and download all six Harry Potter audiobooks from the iTunes Music store to listen on the device.