Should I Buy An Apple TV?

Apple TV was released in the UK on Monday 26th October. Available to purchase directly from Apple, this box completely revolutionises the way we watch television. The 3rd generation Apple TV has been given an overhaul here, adding in a wide range of games, downloadable apps, Siri functionality and much more.

Before you decide if this smart TV box is for you, check out Apple TV’s key features below.

Choice of Sizes

Apple TV comes in two sizes, 32GB or 64GB. If you are using the box for everyday viewing and the occasional game, then the 32GB will be the perfect size for you. However, the 64GB is preferable for those wanting to utilise the games and plethora of apps to their full potential.

The Siri Remote

The new Apple TV is controlled by voice and touch controls. The touch surface across the top allows users to easily glide across any of the menu’s on screen and select the one they want. You may be familiar with the September conference in which the new Apple TV remote was fully demonstrated. Here they showed the ability to swipe up, down, left and right across TV channels, movies, apps and more.

Bluetooth operated, this remote also contains a lightning connector for quick and easy charging, buttons for turning the TV on and off and changing volume, as well as Siri voice activation. Siri has been improved significantly, allowing users to adopt natural language in order to generate a response. For example, ask it to “show me action films”, and it’ll bring up a list of relevant film choices from the installed apps (Hulu and Netflix, for example). Siri can be used for multiple functions, such as pausing and playing the screen, rewinding and fast forwarding, turning on captions, giving suggestions, and so on. A remote is already included, but a second can be purchased for £51 for use on two player games.

App-Lead Interface

Apple realised that there a niche in the TV market, and they cornered this by totally reinventing it, adding in a whole host of interactive features to truly turn your television watching experience into a unique one.

Apple TV allows for downloading a whole host of compatible apps, from games,

Adopts the iOS System

The new and improved Apple TV adopts the TVOS operating system, built upon the iOS used on iPhones, Apple Watch and iPad devices. It gives it a much cleaner look, making the system incredibly easy to use.

Music and Photos

Users can listen to their iTunes library, listen to the radio and enjoy Apple Music as well as view their photos on Apple TV. Use your TV to display your cherished photos, taken from your iPhone or iPad.

The Hub for TV and Films

With all of the Apps available, the Apple TV is the perfect choice of device to start watching a large collection of films and TV. Whether you are planning on watching live TV or making use of one of the services such as Netflix, there’s a wide range of choice at your disposal.

Games on Apple TV

The Apple TV runs on a fast processor, allowing for great quality games to run on it. Team this with a remote that doubles as a touch based and motion controller, Apple liked to emphasis just how big their box will be in terms of gaming. Many big name games and developers have got on board, with games such as Guitar Hero, the multiplayer version of Crossy Road and Star Wars among the first.