ZNAPS: Practical Magnetic Chargers, Coming Soon

If you’re looking for a practical, safe and reliable phone charging device lately, then check out ZNAPS. We’re proud to be backing this product which will be shipped from around January to March 2016, with pre-orders available now through our UK website. Look out for them in the Apple Service Centre!

So before you decide whether or not ZNAPS are for you, check out some more details below.  

 What Is It?


‘ZNAPS’ is a magnetic adapter that allows for safe and easy charging of your iPhone. Magnetic chargers had already been introduced on Macbooks years ago, but Apple had never created something similar for their phones. Thankfully this all changed recently when it was brought to life via a Kickstarter campaign.

The crowdfunding effort successfully reached its fundraising goal, and now the chargers are available for pre-ordering.

Key Features:


-ZNAPS support both lightning cables and Micro USBs.

-Magnetic connection and a reversible adapter allow for plugging in and detaching your phone easily and instantly, whatever way you turn it.

-The attachment is waterproof, preventing damage at the phone socket.

-A small LED light on the charger shows the charging status.

-Reinforced protection at the cable head to protect it from damage.

-Clips together to store easily on a keychain when not in use.

How It Works

The idea behind ZNAPS is to provide an ‘unparalleled charging experience.’ If you’ve been known to trip over wires, breaking them or your devices in the process, then these magnetic versions are the perfect solution. ZNAPS ensures easy attaching and disconnecting, so even if they are yanked out, they’re going to continue working perfectly fine. The magnetic connectors mean these simply pull away without damaging the head of the charger or your iPhone itself. Whether you are using it in the day or night, looking or not,  it’ll disconnect effortlessly and safely!

ZNAPS are also designed to be compact, fitting perfectly into any custom phone cases so you won’t have to trade out your favourite phone cover.


ZNAPS will be available to purchase from around January to March 2016, but you can pre-order them now! Available in either a Lightning or Micro-USB full set at £15.00 each, these handy chargers will no doubt become an essential accessory for your iPhone when they arrive.

Pre-order them via our ZNAPS UK store today.