Apple News App: The Key Features

We are in an age where newspapers and magazines are no longer the most popular way of reading news.  An increasing amount of publications have ditched their traditional paper format in favour of digital publishing. Whether this is by reading on a website or downloading digital newspaper or magazines that are optimised for tablet devices such as the iPad, it’s clear that so many of us are embracing this format much more nowadays. Therefore, it made sense that Apple would embrace this in their Apple News app, made available in the iOS 9.1 update that rolled out at the end of October.  It is definitely worth giving this a go, as news has been optimised for Apple devices and is beautifully presented. Find out more about Apple News below.

An App for Convenience

Apple News allows users to easily traverse between each of their favourite publications by simply clicking through. Gone are the days of multiple tabs of a host of websites when all is available on the same app easily.

A Clean Look

As with all Apple products, an emphasis has been placed on creating a simplistic and ‘clean’ style.  Unlike the Newstand app that precedes this, Apple News has been optimised to provide clear to read text and beautiful high definition images. Try the app on the iPad for one of the best experiences of it.

For You - Personalised News

The app allows for a truly personal news experience. When opening Apple News for the first time, the app prompts the user to select all of their favourite publications and interests from the list of suggestions available. Like Apple Music, the more you select, the more accurate Apple’s tailored suggestions will be. You’ll be able to go back whenever you want to the ‘For You’ tab to select more news sources.


Click the ‘Favourites’ tab to easily find all of your most visited sources. You’ll be able to edit this and change the order whenever you want, allowing you to keep up to date quickly and easily.


Not sure what news to follow? The ‘Explore’ tab will offer suggestions that are based on topics and sources you have expressed an interest in. Browse through the list to discover new news to add to your list.


The search bar is one of the most useful tools in Apple News, allowing you to search for the news you are after at the click of a button, without the need to trawl through the endless collection of publications on offer.


The ‘Saved’ tab allows users to save any stories. This is particularly useful if you have discovered some news that has peeked your interest but desire to read at a later date. Adding it to the saved section allows you to easily jump back in and catch up when you’ve got the time. This section also includes a ‘History’ option, where any news you have read previously is listed.