The Apple Christmas Gift Guide

December has arrived, which means one thing-Christmas is just around the corner! Everyone is looking for that perfect gift for their loved ones and friends. So here is our guide to help you pick the perfect Apple product which will most certainly put a smile on their face.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the perfect gift to give for someone who is on the go all time. If you know someone that is constantly checking their phone all the time, this is a perfect practical gift. Sitting comfortably on their wrist, it connects to their iPhone and allows access to messages and a plethora of supported apps.

Christmas is a time for over-indulging, so taking advantage of the fitness section of the watch is a great incentive for getting back into shape again. Apple Watch allows you to see every calorie you burn during your work day, encouraging you to become more active whilst trying to beat your personal best.

It’s also incredibly convenient. Users can issue a quick way to reply to friends and family with ease either by touching certain responses like “Do you want to go out tonight?”, speaking into the watch with a simple “yes” or “no.” This option is very handy when you are busy, or your phone is stored away out of reach. Longer messages can also be sent too, thanks to the detailed response system, want to give a more detailed response system.

If you have got your hands full, Apple Watch allows you to answer the phone on your wrist making it simple to have a conversation while still doing your jobs.

Music Fans

 If you know someone who loves their music, then Apple offers plenty of products that are perfect for this purpose. There are a range of iPods on offer that come in varying capacities and styles for everyone from the casual listener to the music junkie. Check out the iPod Touch or the compact iPod Nano that is smaller than a credit card.

Once you pick out the perfect iPod for your music fan, you can accessories their system with a pair of headphones. The then to complement the system well is a great perfect pair of headphones. The Beats collection are some of the best sounding headphones on the market. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they also offer the best sound at affordable prices. These vary in many different sizes and types, such as the large headphones versions, inner ear earphones, wireless headphones and more. It is very easy to find the perfect pair, and you won’t be disappointed.


If you are buying for someone who is a huge computer junkie, loves playing games, editing videos and wants a top of the line Apple computer, then an iMac is perfect for them. They offer some of best technology on the market. For example, iMac’s include an easy to use video editing tool, perfect for creating professional looking videos with ease. The power of the iMac allows the user to play top of the range games on either the Mac OS system or by Bootcamping the computer so can run all Window games too.

Coming in either a 21.5 inch screen or 27 inch screen, it is a great computer to have for work too, presenting you with a variety of software to make it easy to keep organized.

If you’re looking for a system that will last you a long time, whilst giving you a smooth running and easy to use experience, then the iMac is perfect. Check out the Apple Service Centre for iMac renting and buying options!


The iPad is perfect for anyone on the go who doesn’t want the bulk of a laptop. It is the perfect device to watch videos, surf the internet and play games. It can even be used for professional means, allowing uses to design a work document to show around the office during meetings, for example.

They are perfect for people that don’t need a full on computer for browsing, tasks and app use, allowing them to have the comfort and ease of holding a tablet in their hand. There are millions of Apps for the iPad, allowing you to customize it for to suit your needs and interests.

The iPad comes in a range of memory sizes, whilst the tablet itself is also available in small and large options. The iPad Pro is the biggest and most powerful, whilst an iPad Mini is the ideal travel companion, thanks to its compact size.

Apple TV

Apple TV is an excellent accompaniment to your TV, allowing more possibilities than ever before. Watch TV on the range of channels available (Netflix for example), play games and download TV shoes and movies from the Apple store. 

If you know someone who loves their TV, and would love to enhance their experience, then get them the Apple TV.


Macbooks are best for all features allowing you to carry around with ease, they are perfect for someone who takes their work around with them. They’re also great for students that can use them to take notes in classes, as well as working on coursework, at school, university and home.

Macbooks come in several different versions, allowing for a choice of capacities that you can choose from. Macbook is the smallest of the family. This lightweight device is easy to perform basic functions and is perfect for completing documents, surfing the internet and for talking to family over Skype.

Macbook Air is the next in the range. It is a bit bigger than the Macbook, but it is also more powerful. This is great for someone who needs to use it more intensively, but also likes the lightweight, compact look and feel.

Macbook Pro the biggest of the Macbooks that allows you to handle most applications, allowing your computer to edit videos at ease as well as play games. This is perfect for someone who is looking for a home computer that can also be easily transported whilst on the move.


iPhone the most successful product of Apple and it is easy to tell why as it is a highly multi-functional and powerful device. Whilst there are older versions still available, the latest models that are worth choosing from are the iPhone 6s and the bigger iPhone 6s+.

With new Apps being added to the store on a near-daily basis, the iPhone has so much to odder. These range from music, talking to friends, Skyping loved ones and friends, playing games, watching videos, surfing the internet, making word documents, messaging your friends, family and business associates, and so much more.

The iPhone is the ultimate tool to have in your pocket, and it is no wonder that it is the bestselling phone on the market.