The Best Party Apps for Christmas Day

The big day is upon us tomorrow, full of presents, family visits, festive TV and overindulging. A The perfect for catching up with family, friends and significant others, it is also the best time to crack out a party game or two. But what if you have no games on hand? Thankfully, there are plenty of Apps on offer to provide the entertainment. 

Heads Up! 

A family party favourite, Charades has been updated on this popular iPhone and iPad App, ‘Heads Up’. The app challenges players to guess as many words as possible from a selection of themed decks such as films, celebrities and songs. To play, the guessing player holds their mobile phone to their forehead, with the screen displaying the word to be guessed. The other players must give clues by saying things or acting it out without giving away the word displayed on screen. The phone is passed from player to player as each person wins or fails the challenge.


Swap out the paper pads and pens for a the touch screen iPad on Tele-Doodle. Perfect for 2-8 players, Tele-Doodle gets players drawing a word and others guessing the word. Any errors in guessing leads to the wrong picture being drawn, and so on. It’s a more updated version of ‘Chinese Whispers’, and it provides lots of laughs!

Evil Apples


Evil Apples shares more than just a passing homage to popular card game Cards Against Humanity. With Evil Apples, players have to fill in the blanks of each featured card with a card in their hand. A judging player then gets to choose their favourite card, such as the funniest or weirdest, which gets awarded a point. The first player to 7 wins the game. Be warned though…Evil Apples is not for the easily offended, and definitely not for children. Things can get a little rude at times!

Reverse Charades

This app provides a brand, fun twist on the classic charades game. In Reverse Charades, the entire team has to act out as many words as one person can guess in 30, 60 or 90 second rounds. Fast paced, hilarious and fun, this is brilliant for Christmas Day play.

Ticket To Ride

If you feel like cracking out a board game this Christmas, then Ticket To Ride is a great one. The premise may sound a little dull, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The best-selling board game sees players connecting cities with train lines. The train lines are then scored at the end of the game. The app is great for multiple players, thanks to the Pass-and-Play function, where the device can be passed around during turns.

Would You Choose…Online

A game of ‘would you rather?’ this app makes players choose between two answers to each question. E.g. ‘Would you choose to go on a boat ride with six foot waves or go in a plane in a storm?’ It can spark some debate between family members and friends on Christmas Day, and makes for a fun icebreaker!