What We Learned from the Apple March 2015 Event

The Apple team took to the stage on the 9th March 2015 to announce their latest range of innovations due to join the ever-growing product roster shortly. Among those announced were updates to the Apple TV, a sleek and sophisticated new Macbook, and perhaps the biggest announcement of the evening, the introduction of the Apple Watch-the company’s first completely new gadget since Steve Job’s death in 2011.

Here’s what we learned in the three hour event.

Apple TV

Apple announced that they are partnering with HBO to release HBO Now, a subscription based TV service that allows access to exclusive programmes and features. For £14.99 a month, customers who own an Apple device (iPhone, iPad or Apple TV) can subscribe to HBO Now.

The service starts in April, just in time for the channel’s return to the hotly anticipated Game of Thrones.

For now, this is US only, but the service is expected to expand at a later date.

Apple Watch

The biggest announcement of the night, Apple Watch offers a brand new way of keeping in touch with your daily routines. The watch syncs with an iPhone, where it will then receive real time messages and calls, as well as setting reminders and using a whole range of tailored apps.

The watch comes in three styles:-

1. Apple Watch Sport – With an aluminium casing, this version costs £299 or £339, depending on the face size.

2. Apple Watch – The mid-range version, available from £479 to £949, again, depending on the watch face and strap.

3. Apple Watch Edition – A classy 18-karat gold watch, starting at £8,000.

Apps demonstrated included the ability to open garage doors and summon a car using Uber, checking into flights on Passbook, health and fitness tracking and the use of popular social media Apps, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The watch reportedly also boasts 18 hours of battery life before needing a charge again.

iPhone 6 & 6s

The company announced that the iPhone is officially the best-selling smartphone in the world, selling over 700 million worldwide, an impressive feat undoubtedly. Their car app, CarPlay, allowing for controlling and playing of an iPhone through a car now has the backing of every major car manufacturer, with 40 major models incorporating Car Play in the upcoming months.


Apple’s new laptop was also revealed during the event. Slim, lightweight and accessible, it’s less powerful than the standard MacBook Air before it, but the compact sizing and sophisticated features makes this a sure-fire winner.

Aside from an audio jack for headphones, the laptop only has one port. This USB-C port is used for charging, USB and HDMI, but an additional dongle will need to be purchased to do all of these at once. The colour scheme seen on their iPhones has now been brought to the MacBook, which will be available in silver, space grey and gold casing.

Running on a powerful Intel Core M processor with an Intel HD Graphics 4300, the MacBook has a retina display of 2304 x 1400 resolution, meaning quite an impressive display will be available to its users.  Other features include a Force Touch trackpad, that senses the amount of pressure being applied accordingly, along with lightning speed USB, and a keyboard that is 4 times more stable than those on previous Apple devices.

iOS 8.2 Announced

The new update provides support for the Apple Watch as well as subtle bug fixes. It is available for the iPhone 4s upwards, along with the iPad 2 and above.