Get In Shape-5 Apple Watch Apps for Fitness

We have reached the halfway mark through January, the month of the year where everyone’s New Years resolutions of getting fit and losing weight are either in full swing, or have faded away to nothing. Whether you are still making progress with your goals, or are in need of some motivation, the Apple Watch is actually one of the best tools for this. A multi-functional device, the Apple Watch offers plenty of options to make exercise rewarding and fun. 

Check out five of the most useful apps available on the Apple Watch to kickstart your fitness goal this year.

Apple Watch - Activity Centre

Apple Watch’s Activity app is definitely one of the best sections the app has to offer. The app shows how many calories you have burned, the distance you have run or walked, and how long you have remained sedentary for. For that added bit of motivation, there’s also a fitness timer and a notification if you are sitting down for too long. 

Carrot Fit

It’s sister app Carrot takes charge of your daily tasks, so Carrot Fit ensures your fitness regime is organised too. Offering tongue-in-cheek threats to inspiration, it offers a truly humorous way of exercising. The app offers a seven minute workout with twelve exercises, the option to track your weight and unlock rewards as you progress. Carrot Fit also works with Apple Health, so that you can save your weight and workout data. 

Nike+ Running

The Nike+ running app allows Apple Watch owners to log distance and run duration straight from their wrist. This is definitely one of the best running Apps available.

Pocket Yoga

Encourage flexibility and well-being with the Pocket Yoga app. Choose between 27 different exercises which can help to improve your balance and posture whilst toning your body. Each exercise is broken down into easy to follow instructions with visual poses for each stage. Other features include the option to play your own music from iTunes in place of the app music, it logs your progress as you go, and it can work through the Apple TV via AirPlay.


Like Nike+ Running, MapMyRun allows users to record and track GPS-based activities. Over 600 different types of workouts are accepted, giving you plenty of options to keep motivated. If sharing your exercise regime is your thing, then you will be able to share your running maps via social media.