YouTubers on the App Store

YouTube is huge nowadays, and those with millions of subscribers are regarded as internet celebrities. Some of the most popular YouTube celebrities have created their own apps on the iOS App Store. Join us as we share some from the three successful YouTubers.


KSI Unleashed

The official game that’s also voiced by KSI himself, KSI Unleashed is a side-scrolling beat ‘em up that pits KSI against a bizarre mix of evil Illuminati minions. The more you play, the more you’ll unlock, including weapons levels and more. Take on the daily challenges to receive free gems which can be used to unlock add-ons, such as fun and humorous weapons. Although this is free to play, the game does offer in-app purchases if you wish to enhance it further.


The official app, this one provides links to all of KSI’s YouTube content, from the comfort of your own mobile. Keep up with regular updates, videos and photos from the man himself, whilst there’s also behind-the-scenes content, livestreams and live-updates. It allows fans to get closer to this successful YouTuber, and delve into his plethora of content that he regularly updates.


Smosh Food Battle: The Game

YouTube channel Smosh actually have a considerable amount of apps available on the App Store. Whilst all are high earners and rack significant downloads, the highest rated is Smosh Food Battle: The Game.  This free to download app acts as an RPG for iOS. Battle opponents, solve puzzles and complete adventures to level up and unlock more! 

It’s also worth mentioning Smosh - The Official App. This app provides an easy place to watch all of your favourite Smosh content directly through the app. Like a clip? No problem. This app not only allows you to watch their YouTube content, but you can also share and save your favourites, too. 


PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

Deemed YouTube’s highest earning and most successful YouTube star, PewDiePie has several apps available on the App Store. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is one of his most popular available.  This puts players in the position of the famous YouTuber. In this simulator, you get to see if you’ll become the biggest YouTuber in record time. Complete tasks, finish them swimmingly, and progress up the virtual ladder! This app was only released yesterday, and already is one of the highest grossing apps on the App Store. Pretty good going!

PewDiePie Official App

Like Smosh and KSI before this, PewDiePie’s official app provides fans with an easy way of keeping up with his content, all in one place. Personalise your feed, so that it displays videos in the order you want it to show. Check out the tailored video playlists, share with friends over social media, save your favourites, and more. There’s even a few mini-games too keep you busy.