App Feature: Me by Tinybop

It’s true that the internet can be both a scary and unsafe place, especially for children. It’s right for parents to feel concerned about what their children are viewing, whether it be on laptops, smartphones or tablets. Encouraging them to play in child-friendly apps is much better than allowing them to have free rein on the net. 

Me by Tinybop is one app that has been met with high praise at the moment. Designed for kids aged 6-8 years old, Me allows kids to tell their own stories, about their life, in their own words. They’ve got the option to illustrate it with their own doodles and photos, too. 

What is it?

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Me is a safe place for kids. It offers a series of fun prompts that guides kids to create an avatar for themselves, and answer plenty of questions about themselves and their life. They can record their own stories, and bring to life all manner of questions (e.g. what’s their favourite food, or do they have any pets?). 

It encourages kids creativity and imagination, works on their communicative and literacy skills, and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun, too. When your child first opens this vibrant app, they’ll be asked to create their own avatar from the set features available. This avatar responds to them, expressing emotions that they can capture and share. With artwork by Ana Seixas, this app is eye-catching, and truly engaging for a young child. 

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There’s hundreds of questions on offer here for your kids to answer, allowing them to share their favourite aspects about them, their pets, their family and lives. Each answer can be replied to by entering text, drawing pictures, taking photos or customising with sounds and fun stickers. Photos can also be drawn on for that extra touch of personalisation. As an added bonus, your kid’s answers are turned into animations, which is the perfect combination of surprising, fun and silly…in other words, perfect for a child!

Whilst Me by Tinybop might appear to be a kids version of a social media app, this isn’t the case. No personal information or data from the app is shared or distributed outside of the app, unless you and your child choose to share it yourselves. It truly is a safe place for kids to explore. 

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If your kids like this app, Brooklyn-based studio Tinybop also have a bunch of other apps available on the App Store. Each app contains is educational, fun and safe for kids, so you’ll know that not only will they be enjoying tapping around in each one, but they’ll also be retaining some information too.

Me by Tinybop is available to download for £2.49 on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad models that support iOS 7.0 or later.