Review: ZNAPS

What are ZNAPS?

Znaps is a magnetic adapter, designed to fit seamlessly onto your mobile phone charger. Like the Macbook’s magnetic charger and port, this has been designed to preserve your charger’s wire, keeping it snag-free and protecting it from any sudden pulls, trips and accidents. 

It’s also an excellent way of preventing your mobile or iPad from dropping to the ground in the event of the charging cable being snagged. The ZNAPS will magnetically pop off from the port, leaving your device exactly where it was. 

ZNAPS were the result of a Kickstarter campaign, originating in Toronto, Canada. With over 70,000 backers, and raising an impressive CAD $3,007,370, they’ve been a result of over a year and a half in development. Whilst this might seem like a considerably long time to wait for a product to launch, the end result is definitely worth it. Held in high esteem by a multitude of top tech publications (Macrumours and Gizmodo among them), ZNAPS is a high quality product that has been designed to fit a variety of iPhone and iPad models. 


  • ZNAPS fits any case. It’s exactly the same size as the charging port on your iPhone, slotting in neatly and securely. You actually have to put some force into it if you wish to pull it out of your phone, so at least you’ll know that it’s something that’s safely and securely transported with your device.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Apple phones and tablets - the iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 5/5s, iPad Mini, iPad, iPad Pro.
  • It successfully protects your charging cable from fraying, wiring damage, wear and tear. The magnet in the attachment allows the phone to easily pop away from the charger without any pulling.
  • It supports both charging and data synchronisation. 
  • Charging begins in just three steps. Firstly, connect the port adapter directly into the charging port, then slot your existing charger end into the next bit of connecting plastic. This then connects.
  • ZNAPS are also pretty water-resistant! They protect the power socket, sealing in the cracks in the phone to effectively lower the risk of any major potential water damage to your phone.
  • A small hidden LED is added into the ZNAPS to easily indicate when your phone or iPad is charging.
  • Fits all iPhone cases, so you won’t need to remove any casing before plugging in and charging.
  • Lightning/micro-USB and 


  • Whilst ZNAPS are great for when your device is stationary, it’s pretty hard to continue to use your iPhone or iPad whilst the ZNAPS is connected and charging. Any slight movement or yank causes it to magnetically snap away, thus disconnecting the charge. If you’re looking to use this, keep in mind that it’s much better suitable for the periods when you know you’ll be leaving your phone or iPad alone to charge.

iRepairs are a proud stockist of ZNAPS, available to purchase in-store from now. If you’d like to find out further information about this product, head on over to iRepairs’ dedicated ZNAPS website,


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