National Stress Awareness Day - Relax with these Apps

Wednesday the 2nd of November 2016 was National Stress Awareness Day. The day highlighted the importance of managing stress, giving advice to those feeling a bit overwhelmed and encouraged workplaces to tackle stress before it gets too severe.

Whilst it was only a single-day celebration, it’s imperative for your general wellbeing to remain in control of stressful situations. Everyone has different outlets for helping to release and manage stress, but these apps below are a great place to start.

Relax, unwind and download the following on the iOS App Store:


The ‘Breathe’ function was added to the latest Watch OS update. This reminds users to focus on their breathing every four hours. Once selected, the user will be guided through some controlled breathing exercises, which are one of the key focuses of meditation. All attention is brought straight to the way your breath is inhaled and exhaled, so at least for a few minutes, the stresses of the day are forgotten. You’re guaranteed to go back to your daily goings on a little more relaxed.

3 Minute Mindfulness

Free to download with additional in-app purchases available, 3 Minute Mindfulness can help you to feel happier, reduce your stress and relieve anxiety. Like the ‘Breathe’ app in the Apple Watch, this reminds you to stop and focus on your breathing, body scans, and other Meditation techniques that are designed to help in your daily life. On the plus side, if you suffer from poor sleeping habits, 3 Minute Mindfulness can actually help to improve your sleep, too!

Yoga Studio

It seems pretty obvious, but exercise is actually proven to be incredibly beneficial for your body, health and mind. Purchasable for £2.99, Yoga Studio offers custom-made classes for beginners to Yoga veterans. Combined with relaxing music and the soothing voice of an easy-to-follow instructor, not only will you gradually shape up the more you use it, but you’ll feel relaxed too.

Stress Baal

If you’re looking for a virtual stress ball, then Stress Baal is the app for you. There isn’t much to this simplistic app, other than you’ll get to rough up a little animated character. It’s actually pretty funny, and is guaranteed to pop a smile on your face after a session of trying it out.


Colouring books are actually classed as a great tool for relieving stress. There’s something kind of peaceful about taking out a bunch of colouring pencils and colouring within some lines. If you’d rather not carry around a book and some pencils though, there’s a digital option you can opt for instead. Recolor offers hundreds of colouring book images across more than a dozen categories. Colour landscapes or characters in your own choice of colours. There’s also the ability to scan in your own images, if you’d prefer something a bit more personal. Use the iPhone’s touch screen to get scribbling!

If you’d like to find out more about National Stress Awareness Day, or you’d like to get some advice, check out the website here: