Miitomo News - Nintendo Comes to iPhone

Nintendo has had an illustrious history. Founded in September 1889 by Fusajiro Yamuchi, the company started by producing handmade Hanafuda playing cards, a traditional Japanese game that is still played today. They evolved into a video game company in the 1970s, becoming one of the most influential companies in Japan. Selling millions of handheld and TV consoles and games throughout the world every year since, the company is also responsible for three of the most iconic franchises in video game history – Mario, Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda.

They continue to strive forward with current consoles the Wii U and 3DS as well as developing new franchise and stand-alone titles, but Nintendo are also now venturing into the world of mobile apps with Miitomo.

What Is Miitomo?

Launching in March 2016 for the iPhone and Android, Miitomo is the first app in a planned collection from Nintendo. Rather than a game (as expected by plenty of fans when apps were first announced), Miitomo is a communications application, enabling users to interact with each other through their Nintendo Mii avatars. Loosely taking on the aesthetics of their bizarre but addictive simulation game Tomodachi Life, the app allows users to ask their connected friends questions.

As expected with Nintendo, the app is the perfect mixture of friendly, light-hearted fun. Free to start (including in-app purchases later if you wish), you can pre-register for the app now via the Miitomo website, either by using an existing Nintendo ID, creating a new one, or by signing in via a Twitter or Facebook account. Any user who pre-registers will also receive Platinum Points which are being introduced as part of the new My Nintendo rewards programme.

For those of you familiar with the Mii avatars on other Nintendo systems, there will be the option to import from a 3DS or Wii U system. Alternatively, set up a brand new Wii on your iPhone by using the phone's camera. This will take features from your photo and use them in your new Mii form.

What's Next for Nintendo on iPhone?

Nintendo plan to releae five i0S titles in the next 12 months, with the last appearing in March 2017. The company are being rather secretive with the details at this stage, but we do know that the next app will be a game that features one of their familiar characters.

Miitomo is released in March 2016.

Check back on iRepairs soon to get a closer look of the app once we have downloaded it!