How To Kill Time On Your Commute With Your iPhone/iPad

Let's face it, the majority of us dislike having to commute. Public transport can be stuffy and packed. The on-going struggle for a free seat seems to be a regular occurrence.

So how do you make your bus and train journeys to work that little bit more tolerable? Check out

Watch Videos

Although they eat up a considerable amount of data (we advise checking for free Wi-Fi on offer from your public transport companies), catching up with a video or two will definitely make the time go by considerably quick. Monthly service Netflix offers a plethora of TV shows and films in their library. If you run out of time on your journey, the App allows you to pick off where you left off, remembering exactly where you had to stop.

If Netflix isn't your thing, or you wish to save a bit of money, then YouTube is another excellent video App to download. YouTube has grown significantly since its launch in 2005. Offering millions of videos, you can pretty much guarantee that there is something for everyone.

Social Networks

Look around on a train or a bus, and you will probably notice that a large majority of commuters are glued to their phones. There's a high percentage chance that they are looking at their social network pages. The App stores offers apps for the most popular social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat and LinkedIn for example.


A commute is the best way to get through that pile of books you have seemed to have collected. But packing a book into your bag (especially a larger one!) can be a bit of a pain if you wish to travel light. Thankfully, the App store for both the iPhone and iPad have a few apps available to transport your book reading experience onto an electronic device.

The best of these has to be the Kindle app. Created by Amazon, this app takes away the need for a Kindle device, allowing iPhone and iPad users to read their Amazon book library on their iOS gadget instead. There are hundreds of books available to download and read for free, whilst there is also an option to purchase more via the Amazon Kindle store. Cannot finish it in time? No problem. Just use the bookmark feature to remember your spot.

Browse through the App store to discover a host of magazine and newspaper's official Apps, which also allow for digital reading. Apple's very own News app is also a fantastic way of collecting all of your favourite sites into one area, keeping you on top of the latest news and information at the touch of a button.

For comic fans, the App store includes various comic book readers which offer both free and payable comics to download. Some apps (such as CloudReaders and Comic Book Viewer) allow readers to upload their own PDF comics into the app for viewing on an iPad or iPhone.

Play Games

Smartphones and tablets have found their place among the console, handheld and PC gaming market. They definitely have their market, as shown by the highest rated apps on the App store. There are plenty of games on offer for both the casual and more experienced gamer, so we recommend taking a trip to the App store on your iPhone or iPad and browsing the top 100 list.

Another way is to look through the categories under gaming, and find the game most suited for you. Looking for a puzzle game? Well, you'll find a lot there.

Like anything on this list, playing a game will also make the time pass by much quicker!