Music Memos

Apple has been significantly busy as of late with the upcoming iOS 9.3 update. Alongside this, the company also rolled out their brand new Music Memo app and updated GarageBand app. 

Released on the 20th January, Apple’s latest app Music Memo is perfect for songwriters and musicians alike. Designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the app will record musical instruments and voices as high quality, uncompressed audio.  Here’s a breakdown of the app’s full features.

Capture Musical Ideas

Using your device, click the record circle in the centre of the screen to start recording your musical instrument or singing. The ‘Auto’ button automatically records when it hears sound, and stops recording when the sound has stopped, which is handy for users whose hands may be occupied on an instrument, for example. 

An extremely responsive app, Music Memos automatically detects your tempo, chords and rhythm, whilst also allowing the option to add in a background rhythm section with drums and bass. The drum and bass performances will adapt immediately to match any chord or rhythm edits. This proves just how interactive and useful this app can be.

Instrument Tuner

Tune your bass or guitar with the built-in instrument tuner before recording for an accurate recognition of chords and notes.

Interactive, Social Experience

Want to share your recordings with friends or fellow members of your band? They will be able to view the chords you’ve played, listen to the recording, view any comments and lyrics by sharing directly to YouTube, Soundcloud and Apple Music Connect. It also works alongside the GarageBand app, which allows for further building of your song. Simply export your song idea to the Mac and on you go!

If sharing to social pages isn’t for you, there is also the option to email a song idea across to the recipient of your choice.

Create A Library

Get a flush of inspiration for a new verse or chorus? The library allows you to sort your song clips into keywords such as verse 1, chorus, etc. This allows you to return to them easily at a later date. The library also allows users to rate their clips out of 5 starts for easy organisation. And if you ever have to restore your phone to factory settings, lose or break it, then your clips are able to be stored elsewhere, thanks to iCloud support.

Perfect For On The Go

Suddenly get a flush of inspiration whilst out and about? The Music Memo app serves as a handy way of keeping track of any of your ideas before you make it to your home or the studio. Simply hit the record button and get those ideas down whilst they’re still fresh. You can customise and work further on them later!

So whether you are a budding musician or an established rock star, the Music Memo app is a highly functional and practical tool. Download it on the App store today.