A Guide to Angry Birds for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad


In 2009, Rovio Entertainment released Angry Birds for the iPhone and iPad. A puzzle game where the player flings birds in slingshots at the enemy pig team quickly rose up the download charts, reaching the number 1 spot in the App Store after only six months. Downloaded over 1 billion times, Angry Birds is without a doubt one of the top selling games in the Apple App Store since its launch.

Since then, the game has spawned several apps, which are joined by an animation series along and an upcoming feature-length film (slated for release in May 2016). But if you are just getting into it, what games should you try out and download on the App Store? It is the perfect time to go on an Angry Birds download spree, as most of them are offered for free as of now.

Check out our guide to Angry Birds below.

The Classics

Part of Angry Bird's appeal was the slingshot Worms-style puzzle gameplay. After the massive success of the first game, the series expanded to include a sequel and several spin-offs that all embrace this now familiar formula.

In this popular puzzle series, the player controls a flock of various birds that are attempting to retrieve their eggs that have been stolen by a group of green pigs. Each stage varies the layout and increases the difficulty. Using a slingshot, players launch the limited amount of birds towards the pigs with the aim to strike and kill the pigs directly, or cause damage by hitting the surrounding structures. Each bird type has a different ability (e.g. the black birds blow up), so use them wisely!

Angry Birds


If you are looking to get into Angry Birds, it is worth starting with the original. With a selection of birds, take down their snouted enemies and save their precious eggs!

Angry Birds 2


The sequel builds upon the original Angry Birds, adding brand new birds into the mix whilst introducing innovative and fun new levels. The birds are continuing their on-going feud with those dastardly green piggies, and it is up to you to help them.

Angry Birds Seasons


The formula is explored once again, but this time, players join the Angry Birds as they celebrate seasonal events from around the world. The physics-based gameplay remains largely unchanged, but the bright and fun new levels and unique power-ups updates it for returning fans.

Angry Birds Rio


In Angry Birds Rio, the birds have been kidnapped and are taken to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Although they manage to escape, the birds must save their friends Blu and Jewel, two macaws who also happen to be the stars of the films this game is based on – Rio and Rio 2.

Angry Birds Space


Play through over 300 levels across 10 planets in Angry Birds Space. The fundamental physics gameplay gets a brand new spin, thanks to the innovative use of zero-gravity in this space-based app. This game introduces new birds and fantastic levels into the fold.

Angry Birds Star Wars 1 & 2


The perfect blend of gameplay from the original Angry Birds as well as the zero-gravity puzzles in Angry Birds Space, the Star Wars edition is perfect for fans of the sci-fi movie series. Each bird has been given a Star Wars makeover, donning costumes worn by characters such as Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

Bad Piggies


Bad Piggies flips the gameplay and has players taking charge of the piggies instead! This free-to-play app allows players to build makeshift contraptions from a variety of parts. From here, the aim is to make it to the goal on this vehicle without blowing it to pieces. Challenging and refreshing, this one is definitely worth downloading.

Turn-Based Fun

Angry Birds Epic RPG


Rovio turned the Angry Birds familiar gameplay on it's head to introduce a turn-based role playing game, the Angry Birds Epic RPG. Free to play (with in-app purchases to enhance your experience if you wish), the game allows players to explore fantasy worlds, upgrade their weapons and battle against their green pig enemies.


Angry Birds Go!


The first ever 3D Angry Birds game, Angry Birds Go! Is the series launch into the kart-racing genre made famous by Nintendo's successful Mario Kart series. The more players race, the more karts and characters they'll unlock. Race and challenge others on global leaderboards, and enjoy a race with friends via local multiplayer.