Browse Wikipedia with Viki

For a quick search of information, Google or Wikipedia are your friends. Started in 2001, Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia, contains an impressive 5, 106, 864 articles. 

Seen on the Editor’s Choice section of the App Store at the moment, Viki deserves a mention. Priced at £1.49, the App takes all of the information found on Wikipedia and gives it a much cleaner, approachable style. 

Broken up by high quality pictures, the App offers a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to the more simplistic, standard Wikipedia style. It works with 3D Touch, with slide over and split view support on the iPad. Inspired by Apple’s revamped ‘News’ App, it offers a clean way of reading Wikipedia’s information with modern typography. 

Viki is pretty customisable, offering the choice to save favourite articles and switch between languages. 

The App is broken up into three sections:

1. History

History is where you’ll be able to go back to rediscover articles you’ve searched and read about previously. Sometimes it be quite easy to get sucked into a long spell of browsing, so this is pretty handy for times when you need to get back on track. 


Save all of your favourite Wikipedia pages in the Bookmarks tab. You’ll be able to return to them when you wish. 

3. Nearby

One of the best sections of Viki is the GPS/location integration. Click on ‘Nearby’ to search through relatable articles based on your current location. From information on the place you’re currently in to local historic landmarks, places to visit and more, it really is a great way to find out more about the world. The GPS search option is also fantastic for when you’re planning a day out - you may even discover things about the place that you’re visiting that you’ve never noticed before! 

Whilst Viki is brilliant on both the iPhone and iPad, there’s also a more compact version on offer for the Apple Watch. 

Apple Watch Integration

For a more compact way of reading, Viki offers an Apple Watch variation that can be enabled in the Apple Watch settings. This works with Siri to allow users to search for articles to read via voice commands, as well as the ‘Nearby’ option. This is the same as the iPhone/iPad version, utilising the GPS to search for any relevant articles nearby your current location.

The Siri voice commands option still needs some ironing out (its not always as accurate in the search results as you would hope), but its early days yet, they’ll most likely be tweaks and changes in the next update. 

The Apple Watch portion of this app is perfect for those days out - no need to walk around with your phone out, just learn about the place you’re visiting from your wrist instead! 

Viki is available to download from the App Store for £1.49. It’s available to download on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.