Miitomo: A Pleasing First iPhone Appearance from Nintendo

Yesterday marked the launch date of Miitomo for Europe. A free-to-download app on Apple’s App Store, Miitomo is Nintendo’s first outing into the mobile market, and it’s a charming one at that too. 

Mii Yourself!

First things first - you have to get a Mii version of yourself for the game. Use the iPhone’s built-in camera to allow to app to create a Mii of you (this cool little feature will snap multiple selfies to use in your Mii face, so you get to choose your favourite!), or build from scratch. 

Once your Mii is created, you can go ahead and tweak your personality settings and change the tone of your voice. 

All done? Click next, and you’re ready to give Miitomo a ride…

The Mini Games

Miitomo is packed with the optional mini-game ‘Miitomo Drop’. Using game tokens or coins (earned either in-game or by grabbing as a real-money in-app purchase), this is where you’ll be able to unlock exclusive clothing and accessories, as well as grab sweets. Sweets are what unlock the answers to your friends questions; something I’ll get to in a minute.

Questions & Answers

One of the most addictive aspects of Miitomo is the question and answer section. You and your friends will answer a bunch of randomly selected questions. You’ll get a notification when a friend has answered another question, and you can head over to discover their answers. The sweets come in handy, as they allow you to unlock more of your friends answers on their profile page.

As this is predominantly a social app, Miitomo is perfect for interacting with your friends in a different experience than what we’re all used to on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be able to visit the houses of your friend’s Mii counterparts, interact with them, ask them questions and hear their answers. If you choose to, you can comment on your friend’s answers or click the heart button to ‘like’ your favourites.

It’s the level of detail in these sections where Nintendo truly shines. For instance, they’ve really thought about what expressions to give each character, depending on what responses are given. It can lead to some quite funny interactions.

Miitomo Shop

Whilst this is home to the mini-games I talked about above, the Miitomo Shop is also where you can spend your hard-earned cash on costumes, accessories and footwear to customise your Mii. You actually get rewarded for changing your clothes often, so stay stylish!

Social Sharing

Nintendo have always steered clear of getting involved in public interaction, but Miitomo actually encourages interaction via Facebook and Twitter. For one, if you want to add any of your friends, you’ll have to connect your Facebook and/or Twitter profiles to find them first. 

There’s also an option to snap screens of your game, which you can then share to both of these social networks if you wish. 

My Nintendo Missions

Miitomo marks the beginning of the new Nintendo reward scheme. The more you play, the more points will be rewarded for spending in the Nintendo Rewards site. Although the list isn’t that extensive at this time, it currently includes discounted games that can be bought for bargain prices once you choose to redeem these points.

Speaking of rewards, your ‘Gift Box’ in Miitomo will fill up occasionally with prizes from Nintendo for completing certain goals. These can range from money to mini-game tickets and exclusive clothing.

Miitomo is available to download via the App Store now!