Apple Welcomes the New 12-inch MacBook

The 19th April saw Apple welcome in the latest addition to their MacBook range. This 12-inch version is even slimmer and more compact than the models currently on offer. Apple has also expanded their colour choices, adding their popular rose gold colour alongside the pre-existing space grey, gold and silver. 

So, what’s new? We take a closer look below…

Thin & Light

The newest version of the MacBook is incredibly thin, measuring at a mere 13.1mm wide. Due to this, it’s also lightweight, weighing in at 0.9kg.

Excellent Display

So, it now includes a 12-inch retina display as standard, which is joined by a 2304x1440 resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio. This ensures that you get a vibrant, clear display, wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing.

Longer Battery Life

The MacBook promises over 10 hours of battery life, so you won’t always have to carry your charger round with you! Even when it is time to charge, the lightning charger ensures that this is done quickly. 

Full Size Keyboard on a Compact Space

Everything about the MacBook is compact, so it make sense that the keyboard also fits into this too. The keys are built straight into the device and aren’t raised, and they feel very comfortable to use. 

Improved Trackpad

The new MacBook includes an improved Force Touch trackpad. These force sensors detect how much pressure you’re applying, allowing you to browse through the internet or the applications on the device itself in brand new ways. Peek and pop pages, enjoy seamless scrolling and effortlessly click on items quickly and easily. 


To make it an even more convenient experience, Apple allows the MacBook to utilise both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to it’s full potential. Plenty of wireless gadgets are supported, so your workspace won’t be surrounded by wires.

USB-C Port

Whilst the MacBook Pro includes plenty of ports for all of your devices, the MacBook only includes one port-the USB-C. However, this isn’t a huge problem. The USB-C allows for charging, USB 3 data transfer and video output. 

Quiet Processor

The MacBook includes a sixth-generation Intel Core m3, m5 and m7 processors, which are capable of speeds of up to 1.3GHZ. It also comes equipped with 1866MHz memory, making this an incredibly fast and responsive choice of laptop.


Like all in the MacBook range, this latest addition also includes a host of useful apps. Get creative both at home and during work with this selection of 18 built-in apps. These are:

  • Photos
  • iMovie - Create and edit your own films.
  • GarageBand - Create and edit your music.
  • Pages - Write blog posts, reports, letters and more in Apple’s version of Microsoft Word.
  • Numbers - Excellent for presentations, showing off graphs and other statistics.
  • Keynote - Like Numbers, this is perfect for showing off important information at work.
  • Safari - Apple’s built-in web browser.
  • Mail - Add your own email addresses and keep your mail in one place.
  • Messages - Connect your phone, read and answer messages straight from your MacBook.
  • FaceTime - Use the in-built camera to make FaceTime calls to friends, family and work colleagues.
  • Calendar - Keep on top of important dates and appointments!
  • Notes - Handy for making quick memos and other important information.
  • App Store - Head here to download more apps for your MacBook!
  • iTunes - The place for all of your music listening needs.
  • iBooks - Want to read? Then take a browse at what’s on offer in iBooks.
  • Maps - Plan your journeys with this GPS-ready app.
  • Contacts - Working with your phone, add all your important numbers and other contact info.
  • Reminders - Do you forget things a lot? Then set them up in Reminders!