Review: Vogue App

Fashionistas, rejoice. Vogue’s brand new app has just hit the App Store! 

Glossy, professional and packed with info, the Vogue app combines all the latest fashion news with interesting features and more. The app is split up into 5 sections; All, Video, Saved, Fashion, and Beauty, Culture, Living. Check out each section in more detail below.


Watch all the latest in the world of fashion in the comprehensive ‘Videos’ section. It’s only been launched a few days, but already, Vogue’s Video section offers fashion and beauty tutorials, exercise regimes and tips, interviews with celebrities and fashion favourites (e.g. Taylor Swift is one of the most recent ones on offer), style tips, and so on. 

This is also the best place to preview brand new season’s from some of fashion’s biggest designers.


Here’s your hub for dedicated fashion articles. Updated regularly, this section features engaging content, in the way of features (such as Top 10 lists), the latest news in the world of fashion celebrity style and trending topics. 


Want to improve your look? Then swing by the Beauty section. Take inspiration from celebrities, and learn new tips and tricks to nail your outfit. As well as celebrity posts, this section also includes makeup and cosmetic features, as well as health tips and easy-to-follow exercise routines.


It’s not all about fashion in the Vogue app. Head on over to “Culture” for a bit of everything! Here, you’ll find movie, TV, film and entertainment news, as well as unique opinion pieces, books, art-both contemporary and classic and theatre. This section is updated regularly, so you’ll be sure to keep up to date with the latest releases across all entertainment. 


Moving away from fashion again, the “Living” section covers all aspects of travel, home, parties, technology, food, weddings and so on. They’ve fitted quite a lot of topics into one section here, but luckily, the content is of high quality, and each diverse article is interesting to read. 


Want to see a complete mixture of each section? Then head to “All”!. Clicking this will list every current post into one page, which you can then access by scrolling up or down. Personally, this is one of the best ways to use the Vogue app. It shuffles each category up into this one space, so one article may be completely different to the one next to it. It definitely helps to make your reading experience a lot more interesting.


Save a story to read later or come back to it when you wish in the “Saved” section. This is incredibly handy, as there’s a lot of content on the Vogue app, so this means that you’ll most likely lose a post whilst scrolling through!