5 Useful Things You Might Not Know Exist on the iPhone 6s

3D Touch

Also known as “peek and pop”, the iPhone 6s is the first in Apple’s extensive collection of phones to introduce this brand new function. The 6s senses how much pressure you apply to the display, allowing for multiple interactions. Lightly press on the screen to “peek” at the content without fully clicking into it. Tap, swipe and pinch whatever you’re selecting on the screen.


Feeling uninspired with your fitness regime? Health is an in-built app that allows you to keep track of your heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, cholesterol and more. You can also create an emergency card with important health information (e.g. your allergies, blood type or medical conditions), which is available to access from your lock screen.


Ditch all of those store cards, and add them to Wallet instead! This will store any membership cards, discounts, store cards and more for easy use. Just open the app and select the card you wish to use. You can use these in stores and restaurants, and they’re easily scannable. It’s a great alternative to carrying around every single card in your wallet or purse.

Live Photos

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus introduced this cool little feature. “Live photos” allows the user to take a moving image. If you can recall those dynamic screensaver images that can be used as wallpapers on the iPhone, then you’ll understand how these work. The camera will film a short three second clip which will then repeat in the background as your phone’s wallpaper.

Hide Unwanted Apps

The iPhone is in-built with plenty of apps that are impossible to delete, several of them most of us won’t really have that much use for (e.g. stocks). Whilst it’s easy to create a folder to bury them all in a screen or two away, there’s actually an easier way to make those unwanted icons disappear. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions and enable them by entering your PIN or passcode. Once you’ve popped in your pin, you can move the slider to the right to make any unwanted apps/icons disappear out of sight. If you ever feel the need to use them again, just head on over to Restrictions and unselect them. 

Night Shift

Released in iOS 9.3, Night Shift is a feature that changes your screen’s colour to try to encourage a better night’s sleep. The screen’s colour will change to a shade of yellow rather than the standard “blue” light, which is linked to shutting down the brain better around bedtime. This is a handy feature, which might look a little weird at first, but your eyes will soon get used to the tone. Night Shift can be activated by bringing up the menu at the bottom of the screen, and clicking the Night Shift button. You’ll be able to choose what hours this is implemented, which is perfect for varying sleep patterns.