Time to get musical with one of the latest apps to be introduced to the App Store; If you've ever downloaded Dubsmash, you'll be familiar with the format here. But for newbies, allows you to lip-sync along to clips from songs, films or TV, whilst unleashing your inner creativity at the same time. 

Free to download, offers the option of recording clips from one of the songs in the in-app library, or you can choose to record clips with your own music stored on your iPhone or iPad. Whilst lip-syncing is pretty fun, the best part comes in creating unique and creative clips. These 30 second or so clips allow the chance to perform solo, as well as the ability to squeeze in a family member or friend into the frame. When you open the app, you'll be greeted with a clip from another user, and this often shows just how much you can experiment with your recordings. is also a pretty social app too. After recording the clip, you'll have the option to save it privately, or share it across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. The Facebook Messenger button is also perfect for sharing easily to friends without the rest of Facebook seeing them! 

The app's library is divided up into several categories, such as rock, pop, country, dance, rap/hip-hop and even a dedicated section for Disney. Whilst the library isn't extensive as of yet, this is understandable. It's only the early days of the app's launch, and no doubt more will be added as it grows in popularity. 

Clips are pretty customisable. You can choose to record in various speeds; epic, slow, norm, fast and lapse, as well as click the scissors to trim clips down to the desired length. Once you've recorded your clip, you'll then have the option to choose a colour filter (like on Instagram), and play with the 'Time Machine' feature. This allows you to play the clip at various speeds, reverse the footage, and create various loops. 

Check out a video of it in action below! is available to download from the App Store now.