WWDC 2016 Summary

Tonight, Apple’s WWDC conference focused on software updates through their Mac line, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch. These updates promise enhancements that will no doubt better each device. Join us as we share all of the info that Apple revealed tonight. 

watchOS 3

Kickstarting the evening is a much-needed update for the Apple Watch. In watchOS3, apps will launch instantly with it’s ‘lightning fast’ function. Apple predict that apps will open and update seven times faster than they did before. 

watchOS 3 also includes a new interface that allows you to swipe up to open the notification centre, see updated information in an app without opening (similar to the “peek and pop” function), as well as swiping smoothly through watch faces. It seems that this is introduced to bring the interface more in-line with the iPhone.

Apple Watch will also include an activity sharing feature that lets you see how your friends are doing. This works as something of an motivational tool. A new app called Breath was also introduced, which sees you focusing on your breathing techniques. watchOS 3 will also include background-support for brand new fitness apps and an enhanced Apple Pay. Whilst a beta version was available immediately after the event, the full version will be ready to download sometime this Autumn.

tvOS Update

Apple briefly introduced an update for Apple TV. The new remove app includes an enhanced Siri search function, as well as Siri integration with YouTube. The new Dark Mode switches out the bright white light of Apple TV, whilst users will also be able to sync automatically between iPhone and Apple TV.

Mac OS

The new iteration will be called macOS Sierra. Apple promises better integration between Apple devices, Siri to computers, Apple Pay and Universal Clipboard. Universal Clipboard seamlessly shares documents and data between Mac and iOS devices by copying and pasting text.

iOS 10

Launching later this year, iOS 10 introduces a new interface and interactive lock screen. The lock screen will allow users to view notifications without unlocking the phone and opening an app, whilst 3D touch has been greatly improved. 3D touch now expands to the lock screen also, letting users respond to messages and calendar notifications, for example. It is expected that many apps will support this function. One particularly handy feature is automatic voicemail transcription. This will convert voicemails into text, so that you don’t have to call up your voicemail and hear the message from another caller. We imagine that this would particularly be useful in places where you’re unable to answer your phone, such as at work. 

It also looks like we might be able to delete often unused apps, such as Stocks and Compass. This is perfect for those of you who are prone to burying these in an unwanted folder a few swipes away from your main screens!

Aesthetically pleasing, it also includes a widget-like experience where apps will interact when lightly touched.

Updated Apple Maps

Apple Maps is getting a complete overhaul, and so far, it looks pretty good! This will know where you’re meant to be going, check your calendar for events and places you’re supposed to be going throughout the months, and also a greater search function for better results. 

New Apple Music Design

Apple Music’s design hasn’t always been praised. However, it appears that the company was listening, and they’re now giving the app a complete redesign. Slightly reminiscent of it’s competitor Spotify (at least in some of it’s sections, such as Browse and For You), song lyrics and useful features such as Recently Added. 

Redesigned Apple News

It’s not just Maps and Music that are getting an overhaul. Apple News will also have a brand new design. This design will add sections including Top, Trending and Featured stories. Like the App store, they’l also be a subscription section so that people can subscribe to their favourite publications. 


HomeKit can now control a range of compatible gadgets in the home, including room lights and the thermostat. Check the app to see what is compatible! 

iMessage Updated

Similar to Facebook Messenger, iMessage gets a brand new style. It’ll include animated emoji, stickets and a search function, along with bubble effects that let you send messages that appear more slowly, secret messages that must be swiped to be revealed, as well as the option to, like Apple Watch, send a sketch or your heartbeat. 

Swift Playground

Fancy learning to code? Swift Playground promises to do just that! This free app teaches everyone of all ages how to code with a series of lessons and challenges. A beta version is available from today, but the full version will be release in Autumn for everyone. Keep an eye on this blog for a greater look at this soon!

What was you most impressed with in tonight’s WWDC? 

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