Check out Nintendo's Pokemon Apps

Not content as a free app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Pokemon TV has just released it’s awaited Apple TV app. This app allows fans to watch Pokemon episodes from a multitude of seasons, along with trailers for both the films and games and other little snippets. Free to download from the App Store now, it’s also worth checking out the following games, Pokemon Camp and Pokemon Shuffle for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch too. Discover them below!:

Pokemon Camp

Totally for kids (or perhaps some of you big kids would enjoy it!), Pokemon Camp is a vibrant and fun collectable app. Free to download (with optional in-app purchases), Pokemon Camp allows kids to play a range of simple mini-games in order to earn and collect Pokemon “pins”. The aim is to continue playing to see how many the player is able to unlock.

This app consists of the following mini-games:

Poke Ball Throw - Similar in game-play to Fruit Ninja, Poke Ball Throw allows players to make slice/swiping movements across the screen in order to launch a Pokeball at a Pokemon in several directions. Pins are rewarded for completing it quickly!

Pokemon In Focus - Players are shown a collection of shadows (those who’ve seen the show will remember the “Who’s That Pokemon?” segments before an ad break…it’s like that). When the shadows appear, you then have to correctly guess what Pokemon this is. 

Pokemon TCG Match - This simple memory gets players to correct reveal two matching Pokemon Trading Cards on the screen. The aim is to find all of the matching cars in the shortest time possible. Pins are offered as rewards.

Photobooth - Take photos or use current photos on your camera to create fun Pokemon themed images. Customise it with an array of Pokemon stickers, frames and phrases!

Find the Pokemon - A simple but enjoyable seeking game, players are ordered to use the microscope to look around the environment for Pokemon. Once you find one, keep focused on it until the bars are filled up. Once this happens, you’ve just earned yourself a new pin!

Pokemon Evolutions - How well do you know Pokemon evolutions? This mini-game tests your knowledge by revealing small snippets of Pokemon. You’ll then get the chance to select one of three matching Pokemon on the bottom of the screen. Match it up correctly, and you’ve just earned yourself a point!

Pokemon Theatre - Watch small clips of Pokemon directly from the Pokemon Theatre. Here, you’ll see the latest trailers, clips from the show and more.

Battle Match-Ups - In this mini-game, Pokemon will float down the river. It’s your job to choose a type of Pokemon from the trio at the bottom of the screen that is strong against the Pokemon floating in the river.


Pokemon Shuffle

Like Candy Crush and Bejewelled before it, Pokemon Shuffle adds another spin on the classic tile-swapping puzzle game genre. This time around, players will have to swap Pokemon on the screen to make rows of three or more. Each time a line is cleared, you’ll get to “attack” the opposing Pokemon on screen. Once the level is clear, take a Pokeball and catch it! If you’re successful, you’ll get to keep that Pokemon in your collection.