Batman Arkham Underworld Joins the App Store

Released on the 14th of July 2016, Batman Arkham Underworld puts players in the role of the villains this time, instead of the heroes. Fight your way to the top by recruiting an army of thugs to help you through your dirty work, unlock famous Batman villains and use them to pull off elaborate bank heists, jewellery shop takedowns and more. 

Set in a top-down perspective, it's another free-to-play game that offers in-app purchases. However, purchasing extras isn't really necessary here, as the game works perfectly fine without spending a penny. These help to improve fights, as well as speeding up the building process. For the completionists and impatient people out there, this helps to speed things up though. 

Created with highly polished graphics and level designs to exist (almost) on the same level as the video-game console Batman Arkham series, it offers truly tactual gameplay combined with base building and customisable elements. Once you've completed the first tutorial level, players will be given the option to set up their gang's underground lair. Pick a name for your team and get customising! This base will be where your villains will hang out in-between missions. 

Whilst it continues with the Arkham name, Batman Arkham Underworld isn't really like the series so many fans grew to know and love. There's no Batman here, or the chance to play as him. Also, the stealthy combat isn't present here, but Arkham Underworld offers a bitesize, refreshing take on this series. 

The aim of the game is to complete crimes successfully in order to take over territories throughout a map of Gotham, as seen below.

The game rewards you when you progress. The more you do, the more you unlock for your underground base. Upgrade your troops and weapons to toughen you up for the next crime on the list. It’s a pretty social game too. Players will get the option to fight against other players rather than the in-game bosses, if they prefer. You’ll gain extra rewards for completing these, which can then be used to level up villains and their henchman.

Whilst there’s been many games on the App Store that are just like this, Batman Arkham Underworld does offer the appeal of Gotham’s finest villains mixed with the dark and sinister world of Gotham. Batman and DC Comics fans alike will revel in this in particular. The tactical gameplay is easy to master, and the more adept you become at completing crimes, the smoother the game plays. Unfortunately, it suffers from being a little grind-like and repetitive, but this isn’t a bad game to dip in and out of in small sessions.

Batman Arkham Underworld is available to download on the App Store now for the iPhone 5 and above, iPad Mini 2 and above, and the 3rd generation iPad and later. It’s free to download, but offers in-app purchases.