Apple Pay & In-App Payments: Are You Using Them?

Initially released in October 2014, Apple Pay has proven to be an incredibly quick, safe and easy method of payments. Upon it’s debut, the payment method was only available in select shops and banks. However, nearly two years later, it’s now offered as a standard payment alongside chip and pin and contactless at a much larger scale. Apple also offers in-app payments, which make purchasing directly through an app a damn-sight easier. Find out more information on them below.

Apple Pay

Why Use Apple Pay?

Well…it’s easy! Store cards, credit cards and rewards cards are all logged on your device, so a wallet isn’t really necessary. Ditch the minutes of fumbling for the correct card or cash, and instead simply scan on the Apple Pay receptacle. Payments done in a matter of seconds. It’s also a safer and private way to pay. You won’t need to carry around your essential cards all the time, as they’ll be stored on the Wallet and Apple Pay apps.

Working alongside the Wallet app on Apple devices, Apple Pay will have access to any cards you’ve added onto that app. If you haven’t used it before, it’s quick and easy to set up. Just scan your card using the iPhone or iPad’s scanner, and it’ll be logged for use.

Where Can I Use It?

Apple Pay can be used on your iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. Just look for the Apple Pay symbols at the checkout. Apple Pay incorporates Touch ID on the iPhone and iPad, or a double-click function on the Apple Watch. 

If you head to the App Store, you’ll notice that there’s now a plethora of apps that use Apple Pay to take payments. Whether that be shopping, dining out, sending a gift or greetings card, paying for days and nights out or making payments to your contacts, Apple Pay can help. 

Apple Pay for Businesses

If you’re a business owner who hasn’t embraced Apple Pay yet, well, it’s easy to get going. All you’ll need to do is contact your payment provider to start accepting Apple Pay transactions. There’s a little more information on this here if you’ve still got some unanswered questions.

In-App Payments

As well as Apple Pay though, Apple also offers another easy form of transaction; in-app payments. If you’re a business owner who has created an app for your business, then accepting payments directly through the app is a great option. You’ll receive 70% of the purchase price, so that’s still largely beneficial for your company. 

How It Works

If you have any products or services within your app that you’d like to start charging for, then in-app payments are the way forward. This allows the user to simply click “purchase” and checkout directly from the app with their Apple ID. Their payment details are assigned to their Apple ID, so the payment is quick and simple. This will make use of Touch ID payments also, so it’ll be safe and secure as well as easy. They’ll also be emailed a receipt so there’s proof of payment if you and your customers ever need to query anything.

If you’re looking for more information on how to start in-app payments, how they work and more, then head over here for Apple’s handy FAQ.