watchOS 3: What To Expect


The Apple Watch is well overdue an update. Whilst many Apple fans were anticipating the release of a brand new Apple Watch at WWDC 2016, the company offered a brand new update to the existing one instead. watchOS 3 is expected to be released sometime during the autumn months, which would most likely be September if we’re going on past release dates.

So, if you have an Apple Watch, what should you be expecting to see when you download this free update? Well, check out our comprehensive guide below:

Faster Response Times

The main reason for this update is to make the watch much faster, responsive and easier to use. Apps will load more efficiently, with Apple promising to load them seven times faster than before.

New Dock

This new update for the Apple Watch will feature a brand new dock. Apple included this so that users will be able to access their most used apps quicker than they would have before. This dock will include useful sections such as the alarm, airplane mode and battery which are joined on screen by the user’s favourite apps. These can be swapped and changed to make things much more accessible, and it can be accessed by pressing the side button on the watch. 

New Features

A very handy feature is the “SOS” button. Whilst you can contact the emergency services without unlocking on the iPhone, the Apple Watch will now include this feature. Hold down the side button, and it’ll ring the emergency services. Be aware that this will only work if it’s connected to an iPhone or WiFi.

Health Updates

First off, watchOS 3 will include a feature called “Breathe”. Designed to help you to relax, Breathe offers breathing exercises, complete with reminder notifications so that you’ll keep on top of it. 

Secondly, the Activity portion of the watch will be changing too. It’s becoming a lot more social, allowing users to share their activity to family and friends. This is great if you’re looking for a bit of encouragement! It’ll also allow support for those in wheelchairs, swapping “time to stand” to “time to roll” instead. New workout modes will also be included.

Messages and Faces

As well as app changes, cosmetic features will also be changing too. Firstly, messages have been given an overhaul. watchOS 3 creates shortcuts to access voice messages, as well as more emojis that can be used in replies. Scribble was also shown off in WWDC. This allows users to write a letter on their watch screen at a time to create words. Eventually, this will create your full message, which can then be sent out directly from the watch to the contact of your choice. 

Watch faces have also been updated. Photo watch faces were always pretty limited before. They only allowed a feature or two on screen at the same time as opposed to the more comprehensive choices on offer there. However, in the new update, users will be able to add more elements to photo watch faces.