5 Apps To Get You Fit & Healthy

The Olympics are well underway in Rio right now, which has been fantastic to watch. Whether you’re supporting your country or not, big sports events such as this also serve as an important reminder that keeping active and enjoying the outdoors is hugely beneficial to your health. 

So whether you fancy yourself a budding Olympian, or you just want to top up your Vitamin D levels in the glorious Summer sun, check out this selection of Apps available on the App Store that help to encourage both! We’ve hand-picked a selection of apps that you probably aren’t aware exist. What takes your fancy?


Whilst walking works wonders for your health, cycling is a great all-round body workout. Free on the App store, Bikemap allows cyclists to plan their journeys and explore new routes, wherever they go. It uses GPS maps to decide a journey, and gives plenty of helpful features such as distance travelled, speed, elevation gain and heart rate. Pay the monthly or yearly subscription to unlock the ability to access and follow maps on offline mode. 


If you want to explore the great outdoors, then an app like Campr is your trusty companion! Free but with a few in-app purchases for enhanced features, this app includes an interactive guide to campsites including videos, 360 degrees panoramas and high-quality photography. Find your perfect campsite, and plan your trip!


Keeping hydrated is incredibly important for your health in general. However, the vast majority of us don’t drink enough fluids on a day-to-day basis. However, Waterlogged aims to change that. This app allows users to input whenever they’ve had something to drink. Whether that’s a tea, coffee, squash, water or more, simply click the water bottle on screen and add the correct volume of fluids. 

30 Day Abs

Free to download on the App Store, this app does what it’s name suggests; providing 30 days of challenges to create toned, stronger abs and a general all-body tone. Starting off on the beginner level, this app offers 6 levels, starting from Beginner and ending on Advanced. Tap on each of these levels to display 30 days of exercises. Exercises range from sit-ups, the plank, squats and more. The further along you make it through a challenge, the tricker the exercises will become. The idea is to gradually build up the bodies’ strength and endurance to create to get you into tip-top physical shape. 

Pokemon Go

So this is the app you’ve most likely heard of right now. The highest grossing app on the App Store, Pokemon Go utilises your iPhone’s GPS to play. Explore your area, and discover new Pokemon to catch. Battle “Pokegyms” at local landmarks, and discover items to enhance your experience. The more you walk, the better your gaming becomes. You’ll soon be unlocking a lot more Pokemon, whilst getting fit at the same time! Pokemon Go encourages a lot of walking, and due to it’s somewhat addictive nature, it’s really easy to want to pop out of your house and explore as often as possible!