Go Back to School…with Apple

As always, the summer holidays have flown by at the blink of an eye. Soon enough, September will be rearing its head, and plenty of students will be heading to school. Whether that’s little one’s starting Nursery for the first time, up to students at University, there’s plenty of Apps available both by Apple and third-parties that will help them to adjust to educated life once more. 

Check out our suggestions below: 


If organisation is your forte, then Wanderlust is the app for you. Available to download for free, Wanderlist allows users to create a list. Name it whatever you wish, and add the items you wish to work through. Once they’re completed, simply click tick to mark it as complete. Completionists and organised people alike will find this pretty satisfying. This is particularly useful for University students, who often have a substantial amount of weekly reading, essays and projects to work through throughout their degree.


Ideally, Pages works on a Mac or Macbook, but this is perfect for students who need to write essays or complete homework. Essentially Apple’s version of Microsoft Word, Pages allows students to write up their text, and customise with charts, tables, media and more, which is perfect for any presentations. Bonus…it’s also free!

iTunes U

Perfect for University, iTunes U is a free-to-download App from Apple. Already pre-installed on their devices, this app allows for downloading of class and lecture material straight to your iPhone or iPad. It’s worth checking if your University supports iTunes U yet. However, if it doesn’t, there’s still plenty of content available to download which may prove to be useful in your studies.


Pre-installed on Apple devices, Calendar allows students to keep their important dates in one place. Better than carrying around a paper organiser, Calendar will give you reminders 10 minutes before a meeting, remind you of birthdays and important papers, and so on. Give it a go…it makes things so much easier!


Available to purchase at £1.49, Alarmy is perfect for sleepy students who struggle with the daily get-up-and-go. Described as the “world’s most annoying alarm app” on the App Store, Alarmy won’t simply allow you to hit snooze and sleep in a little longer. In order to disable the alarm, users will have to get out of bed and take a picture of a registered place, whilst there’s also a “Shake Mode”, where the phone must be shook, “Math Problem mode”, where users have to solve a maths problem to turn off the alarm, and more. It sounds irritating, and it actually is…but for good reason. It’ll be getting you out of bed much quicker than you used to!


Pre-installed on Apple devices, Wallet allows users to store all of their essential cards, all in one place. This is much more secure than taking them around with you on a night out at University, but it’s also the perfect app to collate all of your student discount cards. Whether you’re going shopping, having a meal, visiting the cinema or more, there’s plenty of student discounts available that will save you a lot of money.


One that shows up time after time on essential student lists, Evernote is perfect for students when they’re knuckling down. Incredibly organised, this app includes list-making, note-taking functionalities, which allow users to add in PDFs, audio, video, text, sketches, photos and more. It’ll keep you on top of your tasks, whilst you look pretty efficient at the same time!


Branching out into student accommodation with little cooking experience can be a little daunting. However, it shouldn’t all be about the beans on toast or Pot Noodle combinations though. BigOven incorporates a whopping selection of recipes in varying difficulties. Take a look in your cupboard and make a list of your ingredients. BigOven will suggest meals that use this. It’s the perfect way of using up your leftovers, whilst you’ll get a decent meal inside of you too.