Prisma: Photo-Editing with an Artistic Flair!

Whether you want to share photos of your cute cat, or snap your delicious dinner, Instagram is the place to find such a diverse and often creative collection of pictures. Whilst Instagram released a whole new batch of filters to go alongside their usuals, the differences could at times, be only slight. This is why Prisma is currently a popular downloaded app.

Available for the iPhone and iPad, Prisma is a free-to-download app that provides a brand new set of unique looking filters. Inspired by classic art such as impressionism and pop-art, these classic art styles sit alongside more modern offerings. 

To use Prima, simply allow access to your camera and photos. You can edit directly through the app on a photo as you take it, by clicking on the camera icon However, if you have a phone full of pictures and fancy a bit of editing, then clicking the photo button will allow access into your photo gallery on your phone.

Essentially, Prisma is an app that will transform your photo into an artistic style. The list of choice sis impressive, and is updated as often as they can. In fact, there’s an option in the app that allows users to suggest what should be their next filter!

Whether you fancy yourself the next best Picasso or Monet, Prisma this app currently allows you to choose from 29 filters…all of which are incredibly impressive. This isn’t just a simple brush-over filter…it actually looks like a real painting of sorts. Whilst they’re somewhat slow to process on the first attempt, once they’ve been loaded in for the first time, things speed up quite considerably. If you want to take it a step further, we got a brand new app this week, called Artisto. Reminicent of Prisma, Artisto allows users to place a choice of filters over the top of their videos. Some of the filters are similar to Prisma, but there’s also a hole bunch that haven’t been seen before. If after reading this, you’ve enjoyed Prisma, we highly recommend checking out Artisto too! 

Prisma is an extremely addictive app. It’s fun playing around with the different filters, to see how they shape your photograph. Each filter has the option to move a slider either left or right to increase or decrease the intensity of the filter’s effects. As a tip, this is definitely worth playing around with, as it creates varying results, depending on what’s in your image. 

Check out some examples of the filter in action below:

Prisma is available to download from the App Store for free, now.