Plan Your Wedding!

We’re still in the midst of peak wedding season, but it’s also this time of year that plenty of couples get engaged. The gorgeous summer sunshine brings out the romance! So whilst there’s plenty of you currently planning out your dream weddings, it’s the perfect time to get a little helping hand, courtesy of the iOS App Store. 

The following apps are some of the best wedding apps available. They help you to organise your big day and reduce the stress that such planning might cause. Check out our recommendations below.

Wedding Happy

Weddings really benefit from organisation, and Wedding Happy is an app that is perfect for that. Free to download, this app allows the happy couple to meticulously plan their wedding to the smallest details. Add in all of your wedding contacts, set reminders for paying bills, use the calculator to keep on top of your budget, and work through the to-do list. It’s actually pretty satisfying to tick off those you’ve completed, plus you can add in any important reminders and dates yourself as the months tick by. 


Guests will want to get the Bride and Groom gifts, so you’ll need to think about getting a gift list together during your wedding planning. This is where Zola comes in. Zola offers a spin on the traditional gift list. Whilst the usual gifts are also available, the app also includes the opportunity to add outdoor activities and experience days as an alternative gift, along with a fundraising section to save money for the couple’s honeymoon instead, if you prefer. There’s a handy option to scan a barcode on an item whilst you’re out shopping, to add it directly to your list. Once finished, this gift list can then be shared with your guests, to give them a bit of an idea of what you’re really after (and hopefully, avoid being gifted multiple toasters!). 

The Knot Wedding Planner

Struggling for inspiration? If the idea of planning a wedding feels a bit overwhelming, then it’s best to gather a few ideas. Thankfully, The Knot’s Wedding Planner app is a great place to start. This app brings together ideas from the smallest details such as the favours, to the bigger bits, like your venue. Take a look through the categories to get a better idea of what dress or ring you’re looking for, colour scheme, decorations and more. 


Whilst you’re most likely hiring a photographer, WedPics is the best way of collecting your family and friend’s photographic memories. Simply download the app and invite your wedding party via email, Facebook or text. They’ll be able to directly upload any photos and videos they’ve taken during your big day straight into the app, so everything’s in one place. After the wedding, there’s an option to order prints, delete any photos you’re not keen on and organise into folders. 


If you’re not on Pinterest yet, and you’re planning on getting married…then sign up! The Pinterest app offers plenty of wedding inspiration. Set up boards for every aspect of your wedding, and start “pinning” ideas to your profile. It’s a fantastic place to get creative ideas in particular. If you’re looking for that personal touch to your wedding, get crafty and start making bits and bobs that the people of Pinterest have to offer.