iMessage: A Guide to the Best Add-Ons

This month’s iOS 10 update for iPhone brought along a much welcomed, revamped iMessage. Now, iPhone users can send one another gifs, video clips and photos, play games directly through the messages, draw one another pictures and send their pulse/heartbeat, all in one place. 

With these changes comes a merging of the App Store. This has allowed both Apple and developers to get on board and offer additional content to enhance your iMessage experience. Just click the App Store button in iMessage to head to the app store’s featured section for this.

Since it’s launch, there’s already been an impressive amount of add-ons featured for iMessage. But where should you start, and what should you choose? Check out our guide below to some of the best apps and sticker packs available in the App Store for iMessage.


Whilst a lot of them will need to be purchased, there’s plenty of free games available too. Here’s our favourites:

Words with Friends

Reminiscent of Scrabble, Words with Friends can now be played directly through iMessage. Just lay your word and it’ll be sent to your opposing player via a message. They can then respond with their turn. The app will show as a screenshot each time in iMessage, to give you a glimpse without opening it entirely.


Play chess at the same time, directly through iMessage!


Create and share puzzles to your friends. They’re made from photos found on your phone, to give it that personal touch. The aim here is to see if you or your friends can complete them the fastest.


Dub over a plethora of film, music and TV clips with recordings of yourself and overs in Dubsmash. They’re available to be sent directly through iMessage, and played back through there too!


iMessage encourages you to make the most of organising plans now with the latest update. Luckily on the App Store, apps such as those shown below just make things a whole lot easier.


Can’t decide where to eat out with friends? OpenTable needs a download, then. This allows users to share and vote on potential restaurants with friends. Once you’ve chosen, you can even reserve the table in the app too!

I’m In - Event Planner

Spread the word to your friends and family and easily organise an event with this app. Choose a date, send to friends in iMessage, customise and add all the info to keep everyone in the know.


Keep in-the-know with the Tramline app. Now compatible with iMessage, this lets everyone in the iMessage thread keep an eye on train times, book tickets and plan their journeys. There’s also live journey updates, so you’ll all be informed exactly where you are and what’s going on as you plan to meet.


Citymapper is perfect for those days out travelling. It’ll help you to get from a to b due to the comprehensive maps available, along with offering extensive travel information. Share in iMessage to ensure you both don’t get lost!


So you can now customise an iMessage with Stickers! These were previously available on Facebook Messenger, and add a touch of fun to a conversation. Plenty of companies

have already got on board with it, offering both free and paid stickers for you to choose from. Here’s some of our favourites:

Our favourite FREE packs are everyone’s favourite Sesame Street character Cookie Monster, as well as Nintendo’s Apple-exclusive Super Mario sticker pack.

As for the paid versions, we’re loving all of the Disney stickers on offer, such as Disney Princesses, Star Wars and Mickey Mouse. The retro-stylings of the Pokemon sticker pack are a cute choice, whilst animal lovers will love the huge choice of cats and dogs stickers too. Browse the app store for the full range available.