macOS Sierra: What's New?


Mac devices now contain Siri integration! Apple’s personal assistant will help you to find things on your device with voice commands, which is much easier and quicker than finding the file, application, etc yourself. It can also help you to send messages, so that you can carry on working on the task at hand whilst Siri covers the rest.

Universal Clipboard

Seamlessly copy and paste information from your Mac to your iPhone with Universal Clipboard. Whether that’s an interesting article you want to check out later, meeting details or a tasty recipe you want to cook up later, this will let you share to the device of your choice.

Unlock with Apple Watch

Now, you can log into your Mac directly from your Apple Watch. No password’s required, just tap and away you go. Your Apple Watch will allow you to take a quick call or respond to messages without interrupting your Mac experience.

iCloud Drive

Access all of your files across your Mac or your iPhone with iCloud Drive. Files saved in your Desktop or Documents will automatically be saved to this, so you can access them easily, wherever you are.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now available on the Mac, thanks to the new Sierra update. A Safari integration,  this secure way to pay allows for quick and easy shopping sprees. Look out for the Apple Pay symbol on selected online stores, and complete the purchase with Touch ID on your iPhone, or by using the app on the Apple Watch. As your credit card details aren’t shared in these purchases, you can rest in the comfort of knowing that your details are perfectly secure.

Photos - Memories

The Photos application has had a pleasant overhaul. This now includes “Memories”, a feature that creates slideshows and collections based on what’s in your photo gallery. It’s primary feature is to remind you of forgotten memories that are buried away in your iPhone or Mac.


Like iOS 10 for the iPhone and iPad, Sierra also contains a Messages update. Liven up conversations by adding in emojis, stickers, videos and pictures. Preview links within the conversation and generally enhance your chats with your family, friends and work colleagues.

iTunes Update

Once you’ve updated, you’ll notice that Apple Music has had a fresh redesign. The new app offers sleeker, easier navigation, along with a revamped For You section which allows users to discover new music better than ever before. The Browse section has been expanded to really utilise new releases, recommendations and exclusives, and lyrics have been added to the MiniPlayer, so you can sing along to your heart's content!

Floating Windows


With Sierra, you’ll now be able to pop a window from Safari or iTunes over your desktop or a full-screen app. This means you’ll be able to check out some pictures, watch a video or listen to music whilst you get on with your tasks, without any interruptions or tab switching.