Apple Event, 7th September 2017: Summary

Tonight, Apple brought us their annual September event. In the past, the September events are generally about new software and big software updates, and this is the same again this time around. 

Check out our summary below:


Opening with James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, this clip featured Apple’s Tim Cook along with Pharrell Williams, which introduced the news that Carpool Karaoke episodes will be coming to Apple Music early next year. 

Apple Music

  • Apple Music now has over 17 million users.
  • It’s currently the 10th anniversary of Apple Music festival, which is free to watch on livestream on Apple devices this month.

App Store

  • 140 billion app store downloads, 106% growth in downloads, 2x more global revenue than closest competitor. 
  • 500,000 games in app store. Most popular category in the app store. 
  • Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo popped on stage to announce the first Super Mario game for iOS. Super Mario Run is a Temple-Run style side-scroller, where Mario must jump to avoid enemies and interact with the level. It also includes Toad Rally, a battle mode that pits you against friends. The winner is determined by how many coins you collect and Toads you impress. It’ll be released sometime this Christmas, 2016. Also, Super Mario stickers for iMessage will be available at the same time as the iOS 10 update.

Education & Work

  • Apple introduced “Everyone Can Code” - a programme inside of Swift that allows teachers to use this programme to get kids learning to code.
  • Apple are donating computers to 50,000 students
  • iWork - real time collaboration. Work from iPad, iPhone, Mac, web. Live editing, private or public, keynote.

New Products

Apple Watch

18 months after it’s initial launch, this event offers a wide range of updates and information for the Apple Watch.


  • #2 watch brand in the world. Top selling smartwatch. 
  • Watch OS 3 will be launching soon, including these brand new features: Breathe app (to encourage you to destress), Scribble to draw/reply to messages, and an SOS feature, which pinpoints exactly where you are for emergency services. 
  • Pokemon Go is coming to Apple Watch. Pokemon Go has been downloaded over 500 million times around the world. Trainers have collectively walked more than 4.6 billion kilometres in game. The watch face will show you how far you need to walk to hatch an egg. Your walk is recorded as a workout. It’ll show how long you’ve walked, and how many calories you’ve burned. Wild Pokemon will be there as you walk, and a tap on your wrist will let you know when you’re close to a Pokestop. The summary screen will show your activity, and what you’ve collected. It’ll be available later this month. 

Apple Watch 2

The new Apple Watch 2 model was announced in this event. It’s features include:

  • It’ll be swimproof/waterproof, as opposed to Apple Watch’s splashproof design. It’s also water resistant up to 50 metres. The speaker has been redesigned, so that it will eject the water after a swim. 
  • Fitness lab now calculates swimming. 
  • New chip inside means it’s increasingly powerful. 50% faster dual-core
  • Night Sky 4 runs at 60fps. This is a space/astronomy app.
  • Elevation gain for hiking trips.
  • 2x brighter than before. It’s the brightest product Apple has shipped before. 
  • Built-in GPS 
  • Apple Watch 2 comes in ceramic (white), stainless steel, aluminium. 
  • Hermes are back for series 2, and they’ve teamed with Nike for Apple Watch Nike+. “Perfect running partner”, simple, fun easy to use. “best running experience out there”. New Nike straps as well. App Nike+ Run Club gently nudges you to run, depending on weather, friends, day of the week etc. Available late October.
  • Watch OS 3 is out on the 13th September.
  • Apple Watch 2 is out on the 16th September.

iOS 10

  • Biggest iOS update yet.
  • Siri capability for apps on the app store.
  • Redesigned map.
  • Better keyboard.
  • HomeKit: Home app makes it easy to set up and manage your home devices, and manage from Control Center and Siri.
  • Stickers and screen effects for iMessage.

iPhone 7

  • High gloss black finish. Also available in Jet Black (glossy), black (black logo, etc), gold, silver, rose gold as well.
  • Force sensitive home button (works with more responsive Taptic engine).
  • IP67 protection standard.
  • Water and dust resistant 
  • New camera system: optical stabilisation, f1.8 aperture lens, new six-element lens.
  • New 12mp sensor that’s 60% faster and 30% more energy efficient
  • Camera better in artificial lighting this time.
  • Live photos, stabilisation, editing, capture, edit.
  • Capture raw DNG files directly from the phone for more complex editing. Good for photographers. 
  • Two cameras - wide angle and telephoto.
  • Brighter colours, 25% brighter display.
  • Instagram can now turn live photos into Boomerangs.
  • Stereo speakers, increased range and quality
  • No headphone jack - Lightning EarPods. An adapter has been created for the lightning slot that allows headphone jacks to be used. Existing headphones won’t be obsolete. Dongle is free in the iPhone 7 box. 
  • AirPods - wireless headphones. Infrared sensors detect when they’re in your ear. Motion accelerometers detect touch to activate Siri, whilst voice accelerometers enhance your voice in calls. Five hours of charge, charging case 25 hours of battery life. Set them up by popping the case near your phone. Battery and charger built into the case. 
  • Beats Solo3 Wireless and Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless, Beats X are also being introduced.
  • New chip A10 Fusion - great graphically, also allows for “console level gaming”.
  • 40x faster than A9 in the 6S, and faster than the A8.
  • Longest battery life on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (2 hours more than iPhone 6s.