What News from Apple for 2017?

As you might expect from the one of the World’s leading tech companies, Apple are playing their cards close to their chest with regards to supposed developments for 2017. However, rumours and speculations are rife with the prospect of several product launches seemingly likely.

Here at iRepairs Harlow  we believe it’s crucial for us to be aware of each potential development, particularly if we’re going to maintain our place as the most prominent repair centre in Essex and Herts. With that in mind here are a few ideas...

when will there be an iPhone8?

An iPhone8?

It seems reasonable to presume that Apple’s next phone won’t be called anything more adventurous than the iPhone 8, and rumour has it, it will be released in the autumn. Perhaps there will be a number of models as previously, one of which is likely to have an OLED display. There is talk also of the removal of the ‘home’ button and use of a ‘Touch ID’ fingerprint scanner directly in the display.


As new iMacs didn’t appear in 2016 it seems likely that they will in 2017. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we will see iMacs in "mid-2017."  According to the same source: ‘iMac will likely include Intel's Kaby Lake chips and AMD graphics (in models that use discrete graphics options)’.

iMacs for 2017


We know that Apple is working on a new version of the iPad Pro but the actual changes remain vague. Most discussions seem to concern the size of the screen with possibility of it becoming a 10” device being to the fore. There is also talk of a smaller version at 7.5” to replace the iPad Mini.

Mac Books

It seems very unlikely that there will be a MacBook Air update this year (or indeed, ever) although the MacBook Pro is due an update – perhaps later in 2017 – this is likely to be processor related.

Apple Watch

It is unclear whether there will be a third generation of Apple Watches out in 2017 – but, if so, it may coincide with the iPhone 8.

apple watch for 2017

Other Apple Products

According to Macrumors, other updates may be due for the Mac Pro, Apple TV, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. We may also see the development of an Apple Home Hub and an update to the apple operation system (iOS11), as well as other innovative new products. Time will tell. One thing you can be sure of though is that new and exciting changes are on the way for 2017.

For more information on possible new products please visit the very excellent Macrumours.com.

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