Sales from the Last Apple Launch?

Apple's launch at its keynote of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X was possibly the biggest news of the year's tech calendar, though the industry giant may have made a tactical mis-step in staggering the release dates of the devices. According to researcher Localytics, the iPhone 8's first weekend sales performance was significantly lower than that of its predecessor the iPhone 7, and the crowds for which Apple devices hitting stores have become famous were significantly smaller. The iPhone 8 managed a mere 0.3 percent of international market share across all iOS devices, with the iPhone 8 Plus reaching a score of 0.4 percent. Compare those scores with that of the iPhone 7, which managed 1 percent, or better yet the iPhone 6 with 2 percent.

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However, it remains to be seen how much of this is a significant cause for concern for Apple. Word around the industry is that it is not competitors who have damaged the iPhone 8's first-weekend market share, but Apple itself, with the hotly-anticipated launch of its brand new iPhone X being thought by many to have eaten into the iPhone's sales.

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This would of course be great news for Apple, because it would indicate that there is even more demand for the iPhone X than had been anticipated. And with its eye-watering price tag, the relatively poor performance of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus could prove to be a mere blip in Apple's success story. Although it could be a blip that lasts a while, if stories within the industry that supply is low for the iPhone X prove to be true- Apple will eventually recoup any losses, but it may take a while to actually get the devices into the hands of their eager customers and, more importantly, the money from their wallets.


Of course, the other piece of good news that can be inferred from the assumption that it is the iPhone X that is harming sales of the iPhone 8 is that customers have not been put off by the iPhone X's high price, adding credence to Apple CEO's assertion that while the price was high, the iPhone X offers superb value for money.

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