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With pre-orders for the new iPhone X opening next week, anticipation is high for Apple's latest handheld device, announced last month at their keynote along with with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If all goes to plan, deliveries will begin next week, on November 3rd. Photos and video of the new device have begun to surface online, with one piece on Reddit showcasing a shiny silver variant. Its new “all-screen” bezel-less design is raising eyebrows, especially so given that it is the first major overhaul of the iPhone's basic structure since 2014.

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Apple's world. The much-vaunted supply problems that were hinted at during the development of all its new devices still seem to be plaguing Apple, with a report from top Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo warning that supply of the new iPhone X will remain limited well into next year.

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The problem seems to lie in the “TrueDepth” camera sensor. TrueDepth technology is what the iPhone X uses to enable its Face ID facial recognition system, and according to Kuo Apple has run into difficulty sourcing the necessary components for mass production. This, he says, will put a severe dent into their 2017 sales- sales, which, lest we forget, have already been hit by large numbers of customers opting to skip the iPhone 8 and iPhone S entirely and to hold on for the iPhone X.

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However, Kuo also points out that after disappointing sales this year, supply issues should be well on the way to being resolved at the beginning of 2018, and the first quarter should see a huge increase in sales. Stock has often been limited at the launch of new iPhones, but never quite to this extent. But Apple are counting on recouping these losses very soon, which could make 2018 quite the return to form for the electronics giant.

If all goes according to plan, then the thousand-dollar price tag on the iPhone X combined with the built-up anticipation for the device could see next year being a great one for Apple.

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