Have YOU bought Your iPhone X Yet?

Apple's biggest and most hotly-awaited product of the year, the iPhone X, is looking set to break new records for the tech giant, despite its prohibitively expensive price point. The new device, boasting a bezel-less screen display and new facial recognition technology, is selling for around £1000, but that doesn't seem to be dissuading the faithful from going for the upgrade.

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Although initially industry analysts had concerns about the device due to reported difficulties in production, which led to limited launch day supplies, Apple appears to have overcome these problems and industry analyst Ming Chi-Kuo is predicting sales of between 25 and 27 million for the current quarter. 

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And to further assuage fears over those production bottlenecks, he also expects the first quarter of next year to see an increase in production of 45 percent, accompanied by a drop in iPhone 8 production of around 60 percent. This decline in production for the lesser device would suggest that Apple is confident that there is huge demand for the iPhone X, although the iPhone 8 Plus is also currently selling well above expectations.

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Apple's own earnings guidance for investors tells a similarly positive story, with revenue anticipated revenue for this quarter falling somewhere between 84 and 87 billion dollars.

Apple seem to really be throwing their entire weight behind the new iPhone X, with a lot of post-release support promised. Interviewed in Wallpaper* magazine, Apple's Chief of Design, Jony Ive,  has hinted at interesting things to come in software upgrades over the next twelve months, though he declined to go into detail as to what they would actually entail, other than that in a year's time “this object will be able to do things that it can't now”.

Of course, now that the various rumours surrounding the iPhone X have either been fulfilled or refuted, it's time for the rumour mill to grind on to next year's expected release, and already the internet is abuzz with speculation about 2018's offering, the iPhone X 2. But in the meantime it sounds like there will be plenty to talk about as the functions of the iPhone X evolve and expand. And Apple, it would appear, is positively thriving on public interest.

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