iOS 11 Patches and the Battery Life of the iPhone X

After its much-anticipated and highly celebrated launch, Apple's new iPhone X is now out in the wild and being used by millions of customers worldwide. Although such devices always undergo intensive testing prior to their release, actual day to day use by such a huge customer base can be a daunting prospect for any manufacturer, who now has to wait and see how well new features work on such a large scale - and how they are received.

iOS 11 patches

New operating system updates, patches and the like are all par for the course with pretty much any piece of technology post-release, and Apple are no different. iOS 11, the latest iteration of Apple's trademark operating system, is already on its seventh update since its launch in September, with the latest being iOS 11.1.2, aimed at addressing problems which users have been finding with their devices.

Among these was an odd issue some users were encountering whereby if the temperature dropped suddenly the touchscreen could sometimes become temporarily unresponsive, as well as another minor issue with capturing video, but the thing most customers want an upgrade to do is tackle the problem of short battery life which has plagued iOS 11 since its rollout.

iphone x battery life

Some found an improvement with iOS 11.1, but apparently the new upgrade has done little to further improve things in this area. It may seem counterintuitive to think that battery life can be improved by a software, rather than hardware update, but it makes a lot more sense when you take into account the fact that it's the software that tells the device what processes to run and when to run them. A poorly-optimised operating system can lead to hardware problems due to the stresses and strains it puts on the processors. And while the current battery life of the iPhone X is not exactly a deal-breaker, there is still a lot of room for improvement, which will hopefully come with future software upgrades. And the fact that there have already been so many means Apple are more than willing to keep responding to problems that arise and providing support for their new devices.

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