CASE STUDY – ‘Your Start Up Disk Is Almost Full’


The Problem

iRepairs Harlow were contacted by Emma K of Old Harlow (a repeat customer) with a MacBook Air which wouldn’t boot correctly. It failed to open certain applications, ran slowly and wouldn’t save documents. This is a common problem with MacBook Airs, resulting with the dreaded message: “Your Start Up Disk Is Almost Full.” Basically, it means that the drive with your Mac OS S installation is nearly full and hence running out of space.

“I have my own consultancy business,” said Emma,” The MacBook is essential for the running of the company. It was a bit of a crisis, to be honest.”

start up disk almost full

The Solution

Emma bought the MacBook to our store/workshop in the Latton Bush Centre, Harlow and was looked over by one of our technicians. In this instance we used an app called DasyDisk.™ DaisyDisk analysis your disk in seconds and helps you easily find and remove unneeded files that you may have forgotten about. It identifies where the space is being used and organises the files in size order. In Emma’s case, a vast amount of space was taken up by un-used applications, iPhone back-ups, photographs and her cache.

The Result

With our help it was possible for Emma to prioritise the apps she wanted to keep, remove un-used ones and move a lot of her saved material into the Cloud. The result was a substantial increase in disk space and a working MacBook Air. The whole process took less than half an hour.

‘It couldn’t have been simpler,” said Emma, ‘While Brendan worked I got myself a coffee and then went through with him which files I needed and those I didn’t. My Mac now works great!”

mac clean up

If you would like to ‘spring clean’ your Mac, or indeed have any questions on Apple products please contact The Team here at iRepairs Harlow. We’d be delighted to help.

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