What’s So Good About The Apple News App?

The much-underrated Apple News App was announced at Apple’s developer conference in 2015 and was first released in September of that year for the iPhone iPod Touch and the iPad.

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It remains under used, particularly in the UK where a lot of Apple users seem relatively unaware of its existence. Here are three reasons why we at iRepairs Harlow are big fans of Apple News:

Usability: The app is optimised for iPhone and iPad meaning that is grants a great reading experience in each format. The toolbar is minimal in size as well meaning that it doesn’t detract from the content. It is simple to navigate - allowing you to browse categories of interest – and has a simple-to-use search facility that allows you to delve into any subject or specific publication. Additionally, you can save articles to be perused at a later date – on or off line. The Cloud allows you to read these article on any of your iOS devices.

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Content: By using Apple News it is possible to explore an enormous range of news sources and other publications from major news corporations to small independent publications. All you need to do is subscribe via the app. Your existing subscriptions can be imported too. Furthermore, the more you use Apple News the more its built-in algorithm gets to know your interests and preferences – suggesting related publications and articles. The ‘For You’ and ‘Favourites options have been recently revitalized making it even more simple to organised your preferences and a new ‘Breaking News’ option allows you to receive up-to-date events as they happen – from your preferred sources of course.

Publishing: It is also possible to publish your own news and articles very simply on the app using the ‘News Publisher’  software, and to boost your visibility and customer engagement

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