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We have spoken before about the availability of lease finance with specific reference to new businesses. In today’s climate leasing remains one of the most tax efficient method of acquiring new computers and IT equipment. There are many other reasons why leasing is beneficial, including the following:

·      The equipment can be used immediately, without you having to pay the full cost price, hence assisting cash flow.

·      Leasing means you can leverage other financial arrangements, credit and bank loans for example, to run your business.

·      Fixed lease costs for the duration of the agreement allow you to include each year's rentals in your annual budget and remove estimates.

·      Lease payments can be offset against your annual taxable profits. Full tax relief on any leased equipment will reduce your tax bill.

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Our Lease finance is available to New Start Up Businesses

New businesses find it difficult to establish any credit history. Traditional financing methods (such as bank loans or overdrafts) are often difficult to come by and a lender will demand ‘Security’ on your home, which is a risk that many are unwilling to take.

iRepairs Harlow have set up a scheme by which we actively encourage and support New and Start-up businesses, offering them the same terms and conditions whether they started trading yesterday or ten years ago. This offer is regardless of whether the companies are sole traders or limited. We can provide up to £15000 of lease finance to new businesses, for both hardware and software. 

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Our leasing is a flexible alternative to purchasing new IT equipment as well as a great source of start up financing. It also offers flexibility to renew and cancel within the lease.

Please contact our sales team if you are unsure as whether your new business will qualify. Call us on 01279 210091 and we will get you started.

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Note: We are unable to provide leasing where bank statements show an inability to meet current commitments, show 'returned payments', or exceeding of an overdraft. Additionally we are unable to offer finance where a CCJ remains unpaid or if you have entered a 'Voluntary Arrangement' to repay a debt. You must be a homeowner to qualify for leasing

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