Now Offering Tech Support for Mac Users!

It’s no secret that the team here at iRepairs Harlow place customer service above everything else when it comes to our business philosophy – we have discussed it in the blog before. With that in mind we have decided to take it one step further and offer on and off-site technical support packages to our customers – and indeed to any business that uses Macs or other Apple products.

tech support for macs

Such offerings are common for firms who use PC systems but are considerably harder to find for Mac Users. As the leading Apple repair specialists in our area we regularly advise our customers on best policy when using their devices. There is, however, only so much one can do on a phone call, and only 24 hours in a day, so while we are very happy to give advice, we felt that there was a clear need in the business community for a dedicated technical support service. We believe that we’re perfectly placed to offer this tech support to our customers. A case of, “If not us, then who else?”

By signing up to one of our packages (detailed below), you could have access to:

·      On-site service

·      Callouts

·      Remote support

·      E-mail support

·      Software help and advice

·      Network support, and much more

You’ll also know that you have a support team, a phone call away who will handle your call within 30 minutes and get your systems and business running to it’s full potential. 

callout support for macs

So, for example – if you were to choose our ‘Silver’ package you could receive 1 on-site service and 2 call-outs per year and 2 remote support incidents a month (up to 24 in the year), all for £10 per month, per Mac. We believe that our service offers great peace of mind, and will help companies to succeed with computer systems that help them, not hinder.

If you any questions about our technical support service, or indeed Apple products in general, please contact the team here at iRepairs Harlow. We’d be delighted to help.

E –
T - 01279 210091



All support packages are subject to a 12month contract. Callouts include the first 30 minutes of labour, subsequent labour is charged at £30 per 30 minutes (rounded up).

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