A Quick Solution for your Apple Problems

Apple products are the Volkswagen vehicles of the consumer electronics world. They're design classics, with a devoted fan base who would never dream of using anything else. However, they are also highly specialised and brand-protected, meaning it's a lot harder to get parts and repairs than with a standard PC or android phone. Sure, there are the Apple stores, but not everyone has one of those nearby. And a lot of smaller computer repair places don't have the expertise needed to treat a poorly iPod. No matter how well-designed they may be, like all machines, they have a tendency to break down at the most inopportune moments.

Problems with my apple

By far the most common problem is a broken iPhone screen. According to a survey by Motorola, fifty percent of smartphone users have suffered a cracked screen at some point (seven percent of these having broken it while taking a selfie), and sadly Apple users are no more immune to this than anyone else. If this has happened to you (whether you were taking a selfie or not; we're not judgmental) then we at iRepairs Harlow could be the answer to your prayers. We can usually do iPhone repairs on the spot while you wait, and you can select the glass you require from our website in advance so we will know we have it in stock when you come in for your appointment.

my iPhone won't charge

Of course, some things aren't as easily diagnosed- software problems, corrupted installs and ageing components can be hard to identify for a casual user (or even a government department, judging by recent events in the news). But we have years of experience in IT, and especially with Apple products, and we can identify the problem, come up with the solution, and implement it, leaving your device running as well as it did the day you first took it out of the box.

iPhone is broken

As a family business, our customers are important to us as people. We will never push a more expensive solution on you just to make a profit, and will always work to find the most cost-effective way to fix your pride and joy. If you any questions about Apple apps or Apple products in general, please contact the Team here at iRepairs Harlow. We’d be delighted to help.

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