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The controversy over Apple's admission that it has been deliberately slowing down older models of the iPhone continues to rage as its hasty attempt at damage limitation seems to have run into problems itself. The slowdown was due to power management issues with older batteries, and as a gesture of goodwill Apple said it would reduce the price of replacement battery packs. Although they warned at the time that initial supplies might be limited over the holiday period, now it looks likely that many customers will be waiting until at least March to take advantage of the reduced price offer. While packs should be available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus in the next couple of weeks, owners of the iPhone 6 Plus are realistically looking at late March or even early April for their replacements.

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Apple is also facing government investigation in France as a result of action by the consumer group HOP, which campaigns against planned obsolescence. While Apple denies that the purpose of the slowdown was to encourage sales of its newer devices, French competition authorities are investigating whether or not this is true, programmed obsolescence being a criminal offence in France.

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Meanwhile US senator John Thane has called on Apple to provide more information on the affair, arguing that even if it is true that it was merely a way of circumventing power management issues in older models, the way the company has responded has left a lot to be desired. He is calling for greater transparency from the firm in the face of huge amounts of customer criticism.

There is also bad news concerning its latest iOS update, iOS 11.2.2, which is an essential patch as it deals with the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. However early testers are reporting that it causes a significant hit in performance, and there are no change log notes to explain to customers exactly what has changed in the OS.

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None of this, of course, has harmed Apple's punishing release schedule- along with a newly updated iPhone SE, the latest ads for the iPad Pro show an increased focus on augmented reality.

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