Setting Up an Apple Watch

Have you recently bought a new Apple Watch and need to set it up? Or have you got a new iPhone and need to re-sync your Apple Watch?

Apple watches are simple to set up and with this helpful walkthrough, it is as easy as pie. For setting up a new watch firstly bring the apple watch close to your iPhone, make sure both devices are on charge while setting up. You will need the "Watch" app on your mobile device, once downloaded open it up. The next thing you will need to do is pair the two devices together, the Watch will now show a pretty blue bubble of undulating dots, while the iPhone will open up the camera and direct you to center the viewfinder on the Watch. If the camera-based pairing isn’t working for any reason, you can tap the "i" button on the watch to bring up a six-digit code, which you can enter on your iPhone to pair the two devices together.

Next, you are instructed to click through a variety of other steps such as wrist preference, register your Apple Watch with Apple via your Apple ID, Location Services, Siri, and Diagnostics. Once you have completed these steps you will be asked to set up the security settings, this will be a numeric passcode. This next step takes a good while. The Watch needs to get a lot of information and apps. You’ll see a radial progress indicator around an Apple logo.

The last step would be personalising the watch, this is things including setting up watch face, adding and deleting apps and then your watch is ready to go.