New Models for Later this Year?

It's been a pretty turbulent few months for Apple, what with the uproar over its decision to ‘hobble’ earlier models of its iPhone devices (ostensibly to save battery power on older machines) and software problems with recent iterations of iOS. The waters don't seem to show any signs of calming just yet. The latest problems also revolve around software - last week it was reported that many users were having problems with calls locking out the touchscreen, which can lead to the alarming scenario of being unable to hang up on calls to the emergency services which have been made automatically.

Now a new problem has emerged, and it's a vulnerability issue. IOS11 apparently allows users to send a specific character to another phone which will crash the phone and block access not only to iOS's Messages app but also to popular apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Gmail. Apple has issued a statement saying the problem will be fixed in an update before this spring sees the rollout of iOS11.3.

iphone touchscreen frozen

The beta of iOS11.3 promises to give users more control over how battery power is managed, but testers say that when choosing between performance or stability in the new Battery menu any changes made are only temporary, and it will automatically default to stability mode the next time it powers up, which could prove annoying.

iphone software update

Apple's main hope at the moment is on the launch of three new models of iPhone later in the year, at which point the iPhoneX will be discontinued, the only other option being to sell it at a lower price. They are hoping to sell these on size, with one model retaining the iPhoneX's 5.8 inch notched display, but the other two clocking in at 6.1 and 6.5 inches. It's a strategy that makes sense- the last time Apple saw a decent increase in sales and revenue was when it introduced the larger “plus” units. The new tech that it has been loading its devices with has failed to grab the public's attention, and Q1 2018 orders for the iPhoneX have halved while iPhone sales continue to fall.

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